Decorative Stickers for Swimming Pools

With the arrival of summer, you need to start thinking about pool home, prioritize the repairs and yard work, to enjoy the warm weather with a lot of comfort and quiet. As well as all environments of the House, the yard also needs a good decoration and the pool, of course, cannot be left out.

Decorative Stickers for Swimming Pools

Decorative stickers for swimming pool

A good tip for those who want to start fresh in the pool area, is to invest in decorative waterproof. The adhesives of pool, often referred to as decorative borders for pool, are excellent to renew the visual, and can still hide imperfections and repairs made in vinyl and fiber of the swimming pools.


Generally, the more decorating themes chosen for the pool area are seafarers and beach, with Palm trees, dolphins, waves, stars, sea turtles, Hawaiian flowers, among others, but the truth is that this is not a rule and therefore does not need to be followed. In addition to the basic themes, many others can be added, such as hearts, moons, butterflies, roses, tribal designs, curvilinear forms, among others, everything depends on the imagination of the pool area decor.

The decorative pool tracks are usually applied on the inner wall, a distance of about 15 cm from the edge, and ends up bordering the water line, bringing a greater sense of security and giving a nice contrast in decorating all blue.


The decorative pool are very resistant, and usually are made with a special ink that resists very well especially water and the Sun, so it takes many years to fade, and yet are easy to apply, that is, when the decoration tired, just remove the adhesive and apply a new one.


This type of adhesive is usually done based on high durability vinyl, and it’s sticker, and can be applied quickly and easily in any type of pool, tile, vinyl pools, fiber and even in Windows, since the surface is completely smooth with no irregularities or porosity.

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