Decorative Vinyl And Real Elements

If there is something allowing the luminescent panels dividing fluowall is versatility. When it comes to place them, you can choose to be classic and paste them to a support such as a wall, glass etc. or go further and combine them with real elements to provide a fun, depth, corporate details etc.

In today’s post, neovideogames will show several examples in which we wanted tocombine our vinyls in this way with elements as diverse as sunglasses, clothes hangers and even lamps. It really is very easy to find funny combinations that improve vinyl and these are just a few examples of the possibilities you have. But the catalog is extensive and every one of our decorative vinyl is likely to merge with a multitude of objects or even lights, for example, to decorate a vinyl of a corporate logo with strips of led etc.

We started with a fun vinyl Twiggy that simply we have placed a pink balloon glued, obtaining in this way a phenomenal effect of chewing gum . As you can see that it is a clear example of that with a little imagination we can obtain surprising results by combining decorative vinyl and elements or real objects.

We also have an example of ideal vinyl for a gym, costumes etc. In this case, it is as simple as pasting a tennis ball, either whole or split in half so that it better support and we have ready to the tennis player, willing to hit the ball in just a second.

We turn to an example of beater more which we have combined one of our Star Wars vinyl with a lamp that you will find on sale in a multitude of internet sites. It’s vinyl of the intro of Star Wars with the X-Wing and the death star. We have decided not to place the vinyl of the death star and directly replaced the lamp, which we can also go on overnight to multiply its effect.

In the following example, ideal to decorate an optics, have usedluminescent panels dividing fluowall Emoji ‘s faces to a size similar to a human face, to then overlay it with sunglasses frames (without pins), glued and thus get an informal and fun effect that we can decorate walls or windows.

And finally, we have chosen to combine a real woodwork, with glass in the window, with a fotomural of an Alpine landscape in the background. Ideal for clothing walls where it is not possible to have windows and fill them with joy. It is possible to put a shelf on the inside to put a few pots that add color and much more depth. In addition, with this example, to be able to open one or two window leaves, very original effects can be achieved.

As we have already mentioned, it is possible to follow similar schemes for decorating walls, windows, furniture etc. in unusual ways. If you have done something similar in your House or you have any ideas to decorate combining vinyl and real elements, we will be pleased that you share it with us by writing a comment. We wait for you!