Demand for Security Watch Courses Grows

The new Private Security Law was approved yesterday in Congress and soon the final text will be published in the BOE.The norm gives more powers to the vigilantes and has raised the interest in the training courses to be security guard, indispensable title to practice the profession.

Academies approved by the Ministry of the Interior teach the course of security guard in all the national territory.The cost of training varies between 300 and 500 euros.Includes manuals, face-to-face classes, drills and physical training.The training period lasts between six and eight weeks.To obtain the title of vigilante it is necessary to make an examination of the Ministry of the Interior.With the certificate of the course mentioned above you can practice as an auxiliary security service.

The new law is an update of the Law of 1992. One of the reasons given by the government about the approval of this text is due to the technological changes that have occurred during these 22 years, the legal lack of protection that the People working in this field and the regulatory changes that the European Union has imposed on Spain.

The novelties of this law with respect to that of 1992 are diverse, one of them is that the vigilantes can take charge of control of the outer perimeter of the prisons.Security guards, as argued a few weeks ago, will not be able to ask for ID cards on the street or question a suspect.They can act as any citizen: put it immediately or in the shortest time possible to police.This new standard gives security guards greater recognition and legal protection as authority for the criminal effects of certain cases.Vigilantes will be able to watch on the streets: the new law will allow security companies to be in charge of the surveillance of any public space, even outdoors, such as a pedestrian street or a square, and also the maintenance of order in celebrated shows abroad.In addition, the Ministry of the Interior, or in its absence, the Autonomous Communities, may force to hire watchmen in the celebration of events, although the norm does not specify what type of events.

As for training, it will no longer depend solely on the Ministry of the Interior, as there will be new ways through the Ministries of Education and Labor.To run a security company will require a degree or postgraduate degree.The physical evidence of the evidence will be reduced and also the prohibition of having a criminal record that existed so far changes so that only the antecedents for intentional crimes and for intrusion or infringement of rights are considered.In addition, the requirement to have Spanish nationality or an EU member state disappears.With the new text will also be able to become watchful the natives of countries with which Spain has agreements for the performance of this profession.

Security companies expect to multiply their profits in the short term.

With unemployment levels in Spain, being a security guard is becoming a wild card when it comes to finding and finding employment.This sector also offers opportunities to the less qualified workers, the segment most punished by the crisis.To obtain the title of auxiliary it is only necessary the school graduate or the obligatory title of the ESO, to be less than 55 years old, to lack of criminal record and the Spanish nationality or of an EU country.The examination of the Ministry of the Interior to obtain the title of vigilante (a test of 80 questions and physical tests) is also accessible according to WRITINGLES.COM.

If you are interested or are thinking of taking a training course to be a security guard, a job that is likely to be booming due to the new Private Security Law, do not hesitate to equip yourself with the best safety, clothing and footwear items.