What can you learn from the thick man who threw the shirt without to be ashamed

On Copenhell of the year (3 day metal festival on Refs haleøen in Copenhagen), I once again experienced a phenomenon which both fascinates me and makes me happy in the lid.

in the beer tent threw a man his t-shirt, hopped up on the bench and played air guitar to the wildest DJens heavytoner. There are so many men who do. It, which for me made him special was that he reached was thick. Not as in a little over the edge, but thick trouser delle as in a proper vom who swung from side to side to the beat of the music.

He was dunket in the back and threw hand signs with his friends. They all had a party, and I don’t think there was anyone other than me who noticed the thick man as something special. But for me, he was something special. On the good and inspiring way. For while we women here at Curves Ahaed currently talk a lot about our challenges by showing our thick carcases on the beach bikini, he tossed his t-shirt and gave it gas, because it was what he wanted to do in exactly the moment.

i noted his size, because the plus size is an issue I am dealing with here on Curves Ahead. But it is my clear conviction that it was not true that others who did that night in the tent. And if people had had an eye on him in the crowd of happy people, who sang and played air guitar, they would not have seen otherwise than a happy man who had fun with his friends.

I’ve said it before and would like to take this opportunity to say that again. It is my clear conviction that the world sees your smile before they notice the size on your ass.

With it I think that it’s not about your size, but about how you meet the world. If you go out in the world with straight back and upright forehead and look the world in the eyes without being an embarrassed apology because of your size, then it is that world meets you, and so will be size completely indifferent.

Therefore I loved at that moment in the tent the thick man. Because he unhesitatingly threw the shirt when his thinner friends did the same thing and gave it gas without reservation. Because he once was a human who align its desire and not a fat man who let themselves restrict by its size and really.

I have earlier in this column, let your desire to overshadow your be missing against posed the question:

What will happen if you choose to focus on your pleasure instead of your lack of courage?

in the column issue went in the direction of attire. But in this context, I would like to expand it to apply to your life on a more comprehensive plan.

If I answer the question with the dedicate in the thick man who threw the shirt without to be ashamed is the answer for me is very clear: you get it so much more fun!