It only takes 30 seconds to get bikini ready

it is rare I’m mad at myself. But I am right now. Yesterday I missed the chance to have my new bikini on such right out in the Sun. I missed the chance is not because I am in the process of making firming stomach exercises, or is in the midst of a udrenselseskur with the hope of getting tight belly and grips with my cellulite. I missed the chance due to short and sweet, that I was too lazy to go up from the farm and take my bikini on, because I first came in thought about it with the Bikini, because I had set myself well to terms with coffee and fashion magazine.

And it is really stupid to miss a bikini option due to laziness. For it only takes 30 seconds to get bikini ready – or in short, the time it takes to take the Bikini on. And I can be in the same breath state that if you want the bikini body, have you bikini body in the moment, you have taken your bikini on!

Now I must in no way be holy. Because if you read with here at Curves Ahead, you know already that the bikini I not took on yesterday, is the first bikini I bought

for 15 years.

Why I bought this bikini + tips and tricks for buying swimwear

I admit that it was cross-border for me, standing in a fitting room and try on bikinis. I stood and looked myself in the mirror and saw my thick belly and my thick thighs filled with cellulite. I was momentarily struck by the idea that maybe it was just best to completely ditch the idea of going to the beach in a bikini, but then I came to think of Tess Holliday, and so I was not at all in doubt: of course I should have a bikini. Of course me and my body not being cheated out to soak up the Sun and swim in the sea or the pool, just because the body’s size 48/50 and thus a good piece from the predominant body ideal.

(Are you not yet encountered Tess Holliday, so read on here:
Tess Holliday: Size 52 with a model contract)

If you ask me if I have a role model, I’ll usually do not quite know what to answer. But at the moment in the rehearsal room, where I came into question, though I now also had to buy a bikini when I’m thick, was the answer showed Tess Holiday, which proved as a saving Angel that removed any doubt as to whether I should have a bikini or not.

Remove the doubt – be inspired on Instagram
Are you sitting still and not sure whether you can get bikini ready in 30 seconds, I recommend that you forget all about Lady leaf’s many articles on how you can use weeks and lots of money on trying to make your body bikini ready and instead use the time to look around a bit on Instagram.

here you will find the profile @effyourbeatystandards, which was started by Tess Holliday to pay homage to female body diversity.

drop by also passing the hash tag, #fatkini, which was launched by blogger Gabi Greg back in 2012. At that time, she wrote on her blog:

“don’t let shame about your body dissuade you from having fun. I do not expect that all have it good with taking a bikini on, but I hope that I can inspire you to try. I can not describe how liberating it is to just have fun without worrying about what other people think. ”

also check out #curvesinbikinis there is a hashtag for a competition as the us swimwear brand Swimsuits for all currently running.

in the article Instagram: Here you are both thick and beautiful, I have previously expressed my enthusiasm for Instagram, because it is a medium that gives the traditional (fashion) media rear wheel and provides space for women of all sizes.

my enthusiasm will be no less, when acting on the bodies and bikinis. So if you think you are totally wrong and cannot go in a bikini so look past the Instagram and find out that you and your body are completely real and can be bikini ready in 30 seconds.