Deus Ex Aria Smart Watches

The number of smartwatches in the world is increasing every year, as well as their sophistication. To perfection they are nevertheless still far away, and their skills are often limited. Product Deus Ex Aria from Deus Ex Technology Co., Ltd. was established precisely to expand capabilities of smart watches. The basic idea behind it is is that it should be possible to fully control the smart watches mere gestures – and using the universal attachment, which could be remade in essentially any type of smart watches. A similar concept already exists in the driver  Myo.

Even devices Deus Ex Aria as many passes on traditional baptism site dedicated crowd funding platform Kickstarter . At the time of writing this article goes a running project, however, it is clear that it will be successful. Its funding already exceeded $ 100,000, for which the London-based company said. By the end of the campaign while the project remains 24 days. Deus Ex Aria, however, are among those projects, which is itself the product already finished and tested. Funding goes only to pay for the necessary certification and mass production, so then it goes better writers looking to Kickstarter money.

Currently, there are additional device Deus Ex Aria in two versions. One should work for all types of smart watches for Android, the latter is specifically made ​​for smart watchesPebble Time , which can be connected to both phones running on Android and the iPhone. After the hardware variants differ mainly physically.

General Android version can be simply attached to a strap watches with which it communicates via low-energy version of Bluetooth . Version of Deus Ex Aria for Pebble Time is done as a replacement strap for the watch, so just replace the original tape device Pebble Time Deus Ex Aria, and communication of one smart device to another, then this is due to the physical connector, which is provided Pebble Time. The tape is so easy to watch firmly attached.

Another difference between the two versions is in the fact that the version of the Pebble Time, thanks to the connection method may take all necessary energy directly from their own smart watches. In contrast, classical generic version of Deus Ex Aria has a built-in 90 mAh Lion-Polymer battery, which according to the manufacturer’s facility to work lasts a little over 24 hours of continuous use.

What is, however, both versions of Deus Ex Aria same is the way in which it communicates to smart watches gesture control. The company Deus Ex Technology chose the possible ways of accepting gestures, one of the most direct, and Deus Ex Aria and patented technology directly collects and transmits the movement of the tendons on hand. It should be produced in two sizes to fit smaller and larger hand. When you first use the Aria must be calibrated using a special application.

To identify the function of smart watches will then be assigned a specific gesture, but then it will be entirely up to you. You can decide for yourself what suits you, and if you some gesture will not sit, so he obviously you can ignore completely. Gesture control basically all the features of smart watches, so you can answer and reject calls, view emails, listen to music and even activate fotoaplikaci phone to which they are attached smart watches. To a certain extent, but of course the possibility of using Deus Ex Aria also depends on the capabilities of smart watches, to which it will be used.

Because the Deus Ex Aria still an active project that is not yet much known about the precise demands on your phone and its operating system. But certainly you will need to bring your phone to be able to communicate with smart watches, which generally require low-energy version of Bluetooth. End price can also still only guess, but at least a few more weeks, everyone who does a project like an excellent opportunity to support him – and when it is clear that it will be successful – and get Deus Ex Aria at a reduced price .According to variants of the device and the amount of support for the project is the cost of the entire facility currently set at $ 69 and more. All users who have attachment to the Kickstarter support would Deus Ex Aria scheduled to arrive in June 2016.