Diamond: Jewelry, Meaning, Effect

What does jewelry and wearing of gemstones for you? Do you have specific desires, wishes or dreams that you connect to it? Memories of beautiful and exciting experiences? Or you’re mostly about expressing your own style, individually to be and maybe bring a “good taste” to the expression?

Diamond: Jewelry, Meaning, Effect

Probably go when choosing your jewelry by color and appearance, material and price. But maybe also the importance that is attributed to a gemstone, for you a playing role (such as healing effect, birthstone, birthstone…)? Especially if you want to give away the piece of jewelry? Below we have gathered a few interesting meanings for you traditionally ascribed to certain materials and precious stones.

Because the meanings vary by culture and region, we can offer you at this point only excerpts. We for the following 10 types of precious stones decided, that we would like to introduce in a series: aquamarine,Diamond, Garnet, jade,Opal, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and turquoise.

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Origin of the name
The name “Diamond” is derived from the Greek word “adamas” meaning “Invincible”. The importance of underlining its extraordinary hardness.

You think Greek philosophers of antiquity, celestial spirits live in diamonds! The Romans thought diamonds were the tears of the gods or Star fragments fallen on the Earth. In Hinduism, it is believed that clash of lightning on rock has caused their emergence. Judaism handed down that you recognize a guilty person by the darkening of a diamond on it. If his brilliance, however, increases, the person to be innocent.

Many esoteric effects attributed to the diamonds in the period from the middle ages to the Renaissance. They should expel nightmares and evil spirits; provide for invincibility, courage, strength, virtue and Valor; tame wild animals; protect the House from fire and mentally calm.Still have a positive influence on blood and coronary vessels is attributed to the diamonds.Also, it is to contribute to relief of head, back and body aches.

Effect on the personal feelings of the wearer
Purification of mind and soul; Solution of energy blockages; Promotion of clear and independent thinking