Did You Know That the Buttons Are Different?

A few days ago “discovered” that the buttoning of shirts, jackets and pants are different for men and women, I was amazed at how I had never noticed something primal in the fashion world! I don’t know if you already know this, but decided to post as public utility, after all why have historical reason and everything!

The abotoamentos can be of any type: single, double, and inlaid with various types of buttons, banners to complement and more. However the detail that almost nobody notices (I gave a google on the subject and found very little material about the subject) is that the side of buttoning is different in by men and women. The women button their shirts to the left side and the men to the right side.

The reason of this difference is history: in the middle of the 17th century the women of the elite were dressed by maids or created, they should be right-handed, so the fastened to the left side easier so that they could wear women masterfully. Already the men dressed themselves, therefore, the buttoning is made to the right side so that they could get ready on standby, especially in military uniforms. Now you have no more excuses, it’s time to try to identify whether a piece is of a man or a woman.

You already know that?

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