Different Types of Ties

Last week, we began a series of articles tracing the history of the tie. After this episode, here came time to move to something more concrete. Ties, when must wear everyday, we have a number accumulated over the years and the necessities of formal attire. Because in the end, a tie is like a reflection of his mood, and even somewhere of his own personality. If we were to start building a perfect dressing, what would be the ideal five ties? Here are 5 essential ties to have in her wardrobe:

The black

Black tie is probably the most worn by men as it circulates a preconception that color associated with elegance. From our perspective, we can not generalize it, particularly in formal attire. Indeed, the black suit and black tie are historically and paradoxically related to grief and gaiety. On one side is the official color of the fatal ceremonies, the other that of social gatherings. Thus, unanimously, we tend not to advise wearing black tie every day for his austere side. During a night event, we prefer a bow tie and during the day a colorful model. Therefore, the satin black tie will be reserved for funerals. Basically, it is not very cheerful by nature and will be essential to this type of event. In this sense, we all need to own a black tie in his wardrobe even if it is that we supposed the least wear in her life.

The Burgundy

The use of reason is often difficult to control regarding the wearing of the tie, then better to have a range of colors to change according to the outfits and moods. Silk will be chosen and not satin order not to attract the attention of eyes on the chest and let his tie to blend into a whole. The ideal is to have simple, colorful tones like aubergine, burgundy, navy, forest green, etc. Of these, one remains essential: the claret. Indeed, as we usually have a limited choice in terms of costume and color shirts (black, blue, gray), red tie will help relieve a formal outfit by adding a touch of colorful elegance. In this category, it is she who will join the more easily without offering anything too settled.Today, the fashion wholesaler has a variety of ties at wholesale cheap prices.

The Club

According to its historic setting, the tie club strictly means that the ties showing a membership in an institution (what a club). Born in England in the early 1900s, it was only after World War I that its use will begin to democratize the United States. Including the brand Brooks Brothers which was beginning at that time to mass produce. By deformation, today is meant by “tie club” a model with diagonal stripes. You should know that in the UK (and by extension in Europe), it carries the stripe from the left and down to the right (from the perspective of the wearer) and the reverse in the United States.

In a general measure, this type of tie is quite colorful and graphic, we will try to limit the number of colors to 2 (3 most) and to wear a plain shirt, even if it is possible to combine it pinstripe shirt, but it’s risky. In this regard, it is recommended to stay on a blue dominance, leaving the tie to blend a minimum in the outfit. Obviously, this type of association will be easier with a blue or gray suit.


The polka-dot tie is so imaged the entry level of the tie fancy, offering a light touch of gaiety, breaking the formal side of the costume. As is often the case for ties Geometric, better to be limited to choose one model maximum of three colors and wear it on a clear, plain shirt to avoid bad taste. Actually, more pea your tie will be large, fewer colors they will behave. The most advanced combination that you can offer him is to associate it with a pinstripe shirt (see our article How to match his tie to his shirt ). Anyway, the polka dot tie chosen in a navy blue dominance will be essential to its versatile side. Indeed, it can be worn both at work and in informal occasions such as weddings.

The Knitting

Appeared in the 1980s, a decade that we do not remember as the most glorious in the history of fashion, knit tie reached its peak especially in our time. Indeed, it was in the 2010s that we began to see these models surging mesh of cotton, wool or even silk men’s fashion. The arrival of the tie knit considerably dusted market and rejuvenated the image of the room, bringing with it new cuts. Become as basic as whimsical, it can be performed in various materials like cotton, chambray or knitting, to wear with an informal attire. In recent seasons, especially on the door with square toe, with jeans and a blazer. It can also bring the suit a very key “mode” if we do not choose a too eccentric pattern.