Different Types of USB Hubs

USB Hub – a device that increases the number of USB ports and making it possible to use several USB-devices simultaneously.

In recent years created more and more various external devices, which are necessary for the computer. Of course, not every user. These devices connect to your computer with a USB port – Universal Serial Bus. Among these devices – keyboards, computer mice, external hard drives, lamps, flash drives, coffeemakers, printers, and many other interesting things. How to deal with all this? Outputs are several:

You can buy the necessary device, ie 4 port USB hub from eUSBHubs. It is a small device with a number of USB-ports, which should be on the need to connect to one of the computer of USB-ports; as an option can be for some time to disable devices that are not currently in use, then you need to connect the device to the vacant slot. However, we must not forget that if you constantly switch between devices, then eventually to undermine the USB port and as a result, fails; if possible, it is better to buy a new monitor, which contains the USB ports.

Types of Hubs

When purchasing a USB hub – a hub, you need to know that they come in several forms. Thus, the first of them – a USB PCI card. It connects to the motherboard, to a free slot. Meanwhile, if the user is not familiar with the computer device, this type of USB extension is better not to buy, because the installation can damage something. By the way, in Windows 2000, ME, and XP there is a set of drivers that are required for self-tuning system, and to work with the new addition of a USB port.
Another kind of USB hub – a small device that connects to one of the existing USB ports on the computer. Usually it from two to six additional ports. The fact that the devices are connected to the concentrate, consume a lot of energy. As a result of this internal energy source USB hub may not be enough for all the devices that are connected at the same time. These devices, for example, include scanners, printers and digital cameras. These hubs are usually very compact, so are suitable for laptops and desktop computers.

The third type is a powered USB hub. It connects to the power supply and the computer. It further four or more USB ports. There are even models with 49 and 80 ports. Due to the concentrator supply system can use multiple power-hungry devices. Often, the active hub comes complete with a USB cable lengths. This facilitates the use of USB devices and allows free placement.

For a notebook there is an alternative-powered USB hub. This is a computer USB card. It connects to the port on the side of the notebook and provides two additional USB ports.

What to look for when buying a USB-hub?

Buying an external USB hub, you need to consider how existing arranged in the computer USB port. So, if they are on the back of the system unit or in another remote part of it, it is possible to facilitate the use of ports by using an extension cord, which can be purchased as a USB hub, as well as separately. Due to this, there will be reference to the location.

Note that the USB hub manufacturers are trying to excel in diversity and originality of design concentrators for their use was not only useful, but also very enjoyable.