Different Ways to Wear T Shirt

T-shirts are probably one of the most comfortable piece of clothing you own. Despite this, they are not really what you might term “fashionable” clothes. So how do you take a utilitarian t-shirt and turn it into something fashionable and trendy is that they can be used in different contexts? Read on to know how to do.

Different Ways to Wear T Shirt

For a Picnic or a Walk in the Park

Cropped shirts work well for high-waist jeans, or shorts. They are pretty much the “in” thing right now in maternity fashion circles. Everything you need to rock this look is cute Cropped tee, a pair of high-waist jeans, or shorts and a really flat stomach. This look is perfect for a day, when you want to look for a casual but trendy. Put a couple of funky flip flops to complete the look and you’re ready to go.

Traditional Desi Celebration

Pair T-shirt sari may sound like a disaster, but if done properly it can lead to a very unique and amazing results. Designers like Sabyasachi and Payal Khandwala they have done this a couple of T-shirts in their saris instead of the traditional blouses Whether or not if you have desi celebration coming up, if you have to dress up in Indian attire, why not wear a shirt with a sari or a lehenga and Indo-Western look like?

The Movie

When you are going out for a movie you don’t want to look overdressed. But at the same time, looking for a tedious and boring is not an option. So how do you hit the perfect combination of casual and trendy? With an awesome t-shirt, of course. Choose from a series of image/band t-shirt and pair it with your favorite jeans and sneakers look that is just perfect for the movies.

Lounging at Home

lounging in style, oversized, off-shoulder t-shirts are the best. Simply pair with some comfy shorts or yoga pants and you can relax at home and still look good doing it.

The First Day of the Date

When you are going out on a date and not sure whether you should dress up or have to dress casual and simple, t-shirts to come to your rescue. Use the Aztec print t-shirt with skinny jeans or leggings for fun, quirky look, which hits the right balance of fashion-conscious and discreet.

Office Use

If you are at work you can wear everyday clothes, or if the Casual Friday practice routine in your office, then you’re in luck. An ordinary single-color t shirt on top of a Blazer and jeans is a great looking for work. Blazer keep looking too casual shirt offers a casual look, while retaining the look and feel of a professional and work-appropriate.

It is quite sad that t-shirts are more often than not seen as free-time/sleep wear many, when, in fact, a good T-shirt that fits well can really very effective fashion tool. The best types of t-shirts is perhaps the fact that they are so versatile. Is t-shirts for every occasion. They go to pretty much any jeans and leggings with shorts skirts and, as we saw, although ethnic wear. So let your creativity to guide you to find new and interesting ways to re-invent the t-shirts and make them more fashionable and less utilitarian one.

Some of the most popular t-shirt brands also sell t-shirts online easy buy. One thing to keep in mind when hunting for a good T-shirt, is to make sure that it fits you well. Any T-shirt, no matter how great it could look like, fails miserably, if it does not fit you well. So always try on your t-shirt and make sure the right fit, the length and style fits the picture and frame (pun intended).