DIY Fabric: Blanket to Keep the Brushes

A blanket to keep the brushes is what we have done for the challenge of this month’s learning everything

a little blog of Anna Llansa, the chosen topic was fabrics.

Well the truth is that I have not done it, has been Maribel, who is the other part of Manualijando. I take this post to introduce her, she is which has been commissioned to carry out this DIY and this post.

Hello to all, then I’ll try to explain how I made this Diy, I hope that you have compassion on me, since it is the first time I write a post.

To make this blanket to keep the brushes I’ve recycled jeans already useless. I tell you how it goes:

Cut three pieces of fabric

1 of 38 x 40 cm. which will be the body of the blanket

1 11 x 40 which will be used to carry out the tab for the brushes.

1 17 x 40 for the Pocket for the brushes.
Also cut these strips into another fabric we use for our blanket backing.

We sew with machine flap to cover the brushes. We face right side of fabric with the right backing, stitching only three sides, to be able to turn it over. We leave the flap as well to add more later.

To make Pocket, we take the pieces of fabric and lining of the Pocket and sew it on top a decorative edging. Once this is done, the separations for the brushes is drawn and then we sew the piece of lining of the body of the blanket to machine so that the brushes are climb separately, thus:

Now we are going to sew all the pieces together, so we put parts in this order:

1st Pocket sewn to the backing

2nd in the top flap brushes

3rd two tapes together the blanket measure, to be able to close

4th on top of all this the fabric of the body of the blanket upside down (as seen in the pictures below)

We sew all around leaving a gap of about 10 cm. to be able to turn it over.

She is the return to everything by the gap that we have left and iron it.

Ironing once we sew the gap that we have left to turn hidden stitch.

And this is the result.

I hope I explained, I do not know if I have done a mess at the end.

Well, anyway, now I say goodbye to everyone and promise not to return to do more post, that this is not my thing.

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