Dress 2 Impress: 15 looks to Impress

Dresses are every woman’s favorite icons, are not they?!  And sometimes they end up losing only for skirts, but no one says there is such a flexible and practical piece as the dress.

Whatever the model, pattern and length, most dresses are made to be able to use with varied pieces, with different characteristics, and mainly, to be able to use in different places. Let’s remember the basic black of the irreverent Chanel, she invented a practical, elegant model, and that women could use more than once, just changing the composition of the look.

In many cases, dresses can be part of the closet for years, when well cared for, especially now with great past trends returning and consecutive use of them in subsequent seasons. But of course, we will not wear the same dress so often that no one needs to get tired of seeing you with the same idea of ​​clothes always right?!

Well, to vary the options of looks with dresses giving a touch of style, nothing better to start with the printed dresses.

Dresses with prints, applications, designs, varied cutouts and / or strong features do not require many complements. They make a beautiful presentation by themselves, and can be combined with basic accessories, creating a stripped-down style of modern and imposing but minimalist woman.

For women who find it necessary to use another strong feature to finish the look, the maxi accessories give a conceptual touch, and even the long knee boots can complement well. Very glam!

Enjoy romantic models, not so fair. The colorful florals are the darlings of the moment, leaving the winter more alive.

Beauty Clue: Of course the look is not all that makes a woman look beautiful right? Let’s not delude ourselves that a beautiful outfit is everything, so bang on the make and the behavior huh?! Kk Already pro hair, I have three infallible tips to make a striking look. The traditional plaid, straight hair, high-heeled coke, even half-knotted looks wonderful, and the good old ponytail, which when combined with a nice pair of earrings, looks flawless!

Remember: Extampas Mi is the biggest fever of 2014, so it’s amazing to combine two”nothing to see” prints in the look. Two, huh, people? Not 3, 4 or 5. This is Power Universe’s powerful ones, because they can make the concept look beautiful in street wear. So be careful not to take too much risk.

Minimal Romance: Minimalists, smooth and with more delicate touch are the most seen and chosen. And why will not you?!

With a larger opening of combinations, the”basic” dresses can be from neutral to vibrant colors. But, not to give much volume to the outfit, leaving few accessories and less detail is the most eclectic option. Depending on the dress, you can wear anywhere, season and time.

For romantic women, micro mags, pierced sandals and pastel shades are part of the team of trends that will favor production. But just take care not to get too”little” little girl, after all, is so boring that woman who has not yet learned to stop dressing like her mother would?

For many colors, the traditional silver luster is the preferred choice in accessories. But matching matte stones with the color of the clothes can also be a good choice.

Always insert bags, clutches or wallets that will give a different personality to the look. For example, if the dress is romantic, choose a super-slim purse, and jovial to give a differentiated one. Hi it’s always good!

Overlays: The easy part can seem very easy and fool us sometimes. Choosing a piece to overlap the dress can sometimes seem very easy but it does not please us when you see the pictures, or remember the next day.

IT IS! And not to be”ah, I do not think I used that,” always try to use the same line of reasoning between the pieces. Flat, straight, asymmetrical pieces that have different lengths, or else classic, comportadinhas and sober pieces.

Belts! These accessories have the power to transform any clothing. The wide belts are on the rise and help to finish the production. Where to use? It will only depend on the model of the dress.

And as I said, keep the style line. Jovial and colorful pieces are good to match with vests, chain collars, various bracelets and open shoes. Or boots, boots also empower women! Hehe

Already the long ones, still more those solta and mega descolados, are styled with leather jackets.

Always bet on a key piece, a piece that will stand out. When the dress is not the focus, pay attention to other details. With longs, scarves, scarves and other accessories of the type come on the field and help to finish, either way.

You know a tip I love? Two different scarves. Let’s assume, a print and a flat? Get the ball show! But just be sure to take a photo before, or else look good in the mirror. The volume of the dress, or even its face and body shape can hurt..but usually gets mega”stylish”.

Do not forget, they have much more options of looks in the Fan Page of the blog, hein girls! Then click the link below and slip into the suggestions!

I hope you have enjoyed the tips and enjoy, always with great humor, and keep your style!