Dress for Success Lisbon

Did you know that in Lisbon for an association that helps unemployed women? Here you can receive advice and training, but also clothes for a job interview.

On Dress for Success Lisbon, women who are seeking employment may count on the support of image consultants, being offered clothes, footwear and accessories, so that they can be successful in an interview. This non-profit organization was created to help women participate in the labour market and to become economically independent.

If you have a job interview Dressed to win program can receive a set of clothes, as well as some advice for the recruitment process. However, you must be registered and be forwarded by your job centre, in the region of Lisbon according to CLOTHINGEXPRESS.ORG.

The Career Center has volunteers that help the unemployed women prepare for the interviews, in order to improve or develop the your resume, write letters of motivation, answering questions from interviewers, among other situations. The Dress for Success Lisbon also provides access to the internet, e-mail, printer and photocopy services for those who need it. Through the Club of knowledge also has free access to workshops, trainings, among other benefits.

Dressed to win program

Did you know that people form up to 90% of your opinion about yourself at the end of the first 4 minutes, and 60% to 80% of the impact is nonverbal in nature?

The truth is that we form an opinion about someone based 55% in the visual aspect, 38% in the way the person speaks, and only 7% in the content of what is said. As such, it is important to always cause a good impression, because you may not get a second chance.

For this reason, for the Dress for Success Lisbon it is essential to invest in a wardrobe fit for a job interview. But the contribution goes beyond clothing, because it aims to boost the confidence, motivation and preparation for the recruitment process. The garments are offered to women included, free of charge, and to schedule an appointment just contact the program Dressed to win.

The clothes offered are in excellent condition and are suitable for use in a job interview. In addition, Dressed to win may have recourse to experts, who can help you choose the more suitable for the job you seek. At this time, the Dress for Success relies on the collaboration of four consultants: Julia Silva, Inés Portela, Miriam Manzano and Rosa Castello Lopes.

Every registered are offered a complete set of clothing and accessories and get the job, you can count on the collaboration of the Dress for Success to deliver more clothes.

How can I donate clothes and accessories to Dress for Success Lisbon?

May offer new or nearly new clothing and that is appropriate for a job interview. Parts must be clean, in good condition and be present. Sets of pants and jacket or skirt and jacket; Classic cutting parts; blouses and dresses; Blazer, coats and shoes professionals. The large sizes are always welcome, as there is a lot of demand.

Who can make donations?

Donations can be made by both companies, like individuals, clothing, footwear, cosmetics and accessories. This offer is fundamental for the candidates to supplement the your new look, and thus enter the labour market with more confidence.

If in doubt, ask yourself:would feel comfortable using these parts in a job interview? If the answer is positive, it means that the clothes are perfect for helping other women.

There are articles that are not accepted?

The Dress for Success Lisbon does not accept suits and dresses appropriate for a job interview; footwear and sportswear; evening dresses; jewellery; cosmetics and makeup used; and men’s clothing.

When you receive the parts, the team of the Association performs a screening and what is not part of the dress code is then given to the parish of Saint Joseph or the institution “Friend Exchange”.