Dress Like Rachel Bilson for Less

How to be a Star. An address book that invites you to copy some of the most successful of our favorite celebrities look … Rachel Bilson Olivia Palermo, you’ll be spoiled for choice to renew the closet, in an intelligent and lasting way!

How often leaf through magazines, websites or simply Instagram and see the beautiful world of the always impeccable ?!

How we envy we feel at seeing the look simple but perfect for any Heidi Klum as she goes to the grocery ?!

Or pajamas house hold of Leighton Meester, the sober but elegant outfits Olivia Palermo in a quiet Sunday afternoon family ?!

But what may not know is that copy those look is much simpler than what you believe.

I give you advance, never in its skills I offer the clothes used by Star on the Red Carpet , because we speak honestly, when ever it can happen to dress up in the aftermath, glitter and plunging necklines?

If you dare to present it to the restaurant, go ahead.

I prefer to take a cue from the Outfit everyday and offer garments easily adaptable to different occasions.

Evergreens that surely will not remain in the closet too long.

One of my favorite actresses and impeccable style from ruizesolar is definitely Rachel Bilson, best known as the Summer of the unforgettable show OC

“Yuck!” Was his motto before you fall in Love her boyfriend nerd and a fan of comic Seth Cohen.

In real life, Rachel is pregnant beautiful Hayden Christensen, with whom she is engaged for more than six years.

The look we offer is perfect for this half-season a little ‘madcap.

When you pass by 17 degrees in the morning and 25 in the early afternoon.

In short, dressed in onion it is what we recommend also our grandmothers, but we try to give a little ‘style.
The blouse is white or neutral color, and a cut and fabric really trendy.

Shorter in life and longer at the back, lightweight and semi-transparent, perfect to match with an intimate smooth and black.

The see-always does something.

The are here: VeroModà – White Blouse

Combine with high-waisted shorts .

The legs are still slightly tanned and have begun the gym.

Why hide them away?

There’s a whole winter long pants and tights.

I chose a geometric pattern that never goes out of fashion, as well as fringed hem.

Li trovi qui: SomeDaysLovin – Shorts a vita alta

The blazer is black and absolutely rock.

Side zip and different types of fabric will make any look gritty and really unique.

It will be of great effect even with a simple one-color dress.

Get it here: Patrizia Pepe – Black Blazer

At the foot nothing better than a pair of stilettos .

Suitable for any occasion and essential even in case of sudden rain.

This summer should accustomed us to take with us a parasol and avoid open shoes!

You can find them here: Asos Rave With Me – blacks Stilettos

Perfetti also ray-ban rounds .

A new model with slightly more clear lenses …

similar to the classic wayfarer model but definitely more original and feminine.

Suitable for any shape of face.

You can find them here: RayBan – Sunglasses
A few accessories, but fair.

O golden recchini to resume stiletto buckles

You can find them here: Asos – Earrings
Ring with eye to be trendy, as they teach the most followed fashion bloggers of the moment.

Our famous Chiara Ferragni has even tweak this eye tattooed on a finger.

Here nothing extremism.

If you want to change, just remove it and place it in the door joys.

Get it here: Asos – ring

or those who like to surprise, like myself, an accessory more: matching scarf combined to be used on the head, as a circle.

Impeccable and female 100%!

Get it here: Asos – Scarves

Just like Rachel!