Dress Trends for Spring

The shelves of shops and street are full of dresses this spring…What’s more natural so to Rima offered you a summary on the dress?

Okay, so, stand up for, this spring and also this summer, the dress is required. Sexy, sport, class, there for all tastes, the overalls until the ceremony dress dress through the very simple little black dress.

To be feminine, more need to make tons, in a dress that is immediately successful. Besides, oddly, for an equivalent style, the dress will always give an effect more dressed up, more sought in any case that any other outfit.

There are dresses who follow trends to the letter and I have already talked about here:

The Saharan dress (Mind, counter of the cotton, Mexx), dress shirt (H & M, Naf-Naf, Claudie Pierlot), the flowery dress (Zara, Sandro, small) the dress ‘shirt Grandma” (Morgan, Maje, Kookai) or the ancient dress (Tara Jarmon, Zara, H & M).

And then, there are specific dresses that don’t fit in any category, or in several rooms at the same time, and it is on these that I would like to focus today.

(1) Dress shirt / polo dress
That’s exactly what you think it is: a long t-shirt or a polo, which gives a very short skirt (H & M, American Apparel, Lacoste). Right, wear it eventually with a belt. This casual dress is perfect with a small jacket denim and the Palladium or the Doc’s coquees.

(2) The tennis dress
She starts out as a shirt dress or a dress shirt, and ends in a pleated skirt. Sometimes it is cotton twill top down (Zara) and at other times, the top is mesh ‘polo’ (H & M). Very pretty with ballerinas.

(3) The jogging dress
She is thick mesh, type “sweat.” Coulissée or gathered at the size (atheist, Cacharel), wear it, too short. That’s the spirit “Dancer”, version Fame, 80’s at bottom. So, to associate with ballerinas or jazz shoes.

(4) The overalls dress
She has a side a little clown to assume for daring (Isabel Marant, Naf-Naf). Door there with a colorful summer polo, and in the meantime, do not hesitate to recycle your turtleneck. Ballerinas suit him well, but the Doc’s low, possibly coquees, fit her well too.

(5) The bird dress
African inspiration, portfolio (Kookaï, H & M) or way blouse (Maje, Antik Batik), she is printed large more or less contrasting patterns and doing bring with a big braided leather belt or a men’s belt.

(6) In macrame or knit dress
It adapts well to the safari trend, mainly thanks to its color (Khaki, beige, brick, bronze) and the artisanal spirit her out (Mango, Naf-Naf). You can consider to associate it to flat leather flip flops and a shopping bag in straw.

(7) The Austrian dress
I admit, a little less common… But I’ve seen! (H & M, Isabel Marant) Well, it must be said, I also have one at the back of my closet, found at the flea market 5 years ago, and I would be happy to stand out. In any case, this spring I wear with my Cavalier boots and a retro blouse in English embroidery. And this summer, I’ll put it with my shoes.

(8) The star dress
There are plenty of worthy of Marilyn dresses this summer. Thin flanges (PREPPY), bare back dresses (Chloe), muslins (Sandro), glitter (Carroll), lace (Zara), tulle (Mango), vertiginous necklines (small)… Wear it with anything, just a little sandal heel Golden…

(9) The retro dress 1900
Lace, silk chiffon, tweezers, empire waist, she’s sober by what it is United or reason tone on tone. It serves as evening dress with a stiletto or a shoe Tango but also dress for everyday with a bunch 70’s and a big jacket in wool.

(10) The right dress
She is very classic but you can ‘punkiser’ it with a doc or a boxing shoe and a short ultra smocking jacket. Door there with big fake jewels or with a little Gothic accessories, a little as if Jackie O had merged with Nina Haggen…

A little comment, that will serve as evidence of the heyday of the dress: 2 years ago, find a pair of boots in April was part of the challenge, and poof, this year, there are so many collections spring-summer, leave a little in terloquees: boots in summer? But what for?
Ben to look pretty, here! And to elongate the silhouette. Pasque unless you measure 1 m 80, with dresses to the calf length critical but common this year, it will be the boots or the shoes, or nothing. Yes, Yes, even in the month of August!