Dress With A Large Breast Size

Dress with a large breast size

Contrary to what many women with small breast believe, have a large size breast is not as easy or as fabulous as implicit in a number of constraints and discomforts to contend with daily. Apart from the discomfort in neck and back as a result of the weight (you can read this post about it ), when dressing thickens also; but for every problem there isa solution. Also to choose clothes that help you hide the volume of your chest, if that’s what you want .

The curves are topical thanks to the phenomenon curvy but for many women, have the large breasts is a great everyday problem. If this is your case, here we leave a few tricks that will help.

Choose a suitable fastener

It is the first step to look nice with your clothes. Bras can help disguise the chest but they must be in your size and glass. Never use a smaller bra because you’re going to make you have more chest. Nor bigger because you will not hold and move your chest will fall and be seen.

The bra should pick around the chest and be very subject to move as little as possible.

At this point we can bring you all our experience in bra fitting and even advise the best bra model for you as you like. We have all sizes and cups of bras to join usvsukenglish. If you feel like you can see a selection of models bras for large sizes pectoris.


Most suitable for large chest necklines

We recommend V-shaped necklines but beware, not too pronounced to not see canalillo. In this way you will avoid having to cover yourself or pull your shirt up every time you bend over you.


Colors to disguise large breasts

The dark, solid colors are the best choice to hide the big chest because they produce a reducing visual effect. That does not mean you can not wear bright colors or patterns, of course not. In that case, you can use scarves to stylize up shirt or blouse color or patterned. We explain how toplace the next point.

Small prints are not a problem.

Instead wide horizontal stripes or prints maxi also maximize your chest.

Ons that hide large breasts

Definitely not long necklaces. Short choker necklaces focus attention above, which benefits you.

As we mentioned earlier scarves can be an indispensable ally hide large breasts . Make vertical forms with letting them fall to her waist.

Not blouses to explode

Never wear a blouse or shirt buttons open. It is common blouses your body size does not fit your breast size. In this case it is better to take them unbuttoned with a top underneath (not too tight or too low cut, which cover the canalillo). There in the made with stretch fabric that can go better market shirts but if you still do not serve, as is better hacértelas or without this garment.

Attention to tissues

All tissues licrosos sticking to excess body will look more cause chest. We recommend cotton, linen, silk and other fabrics fall that do not stick to the body and visually reduce the breast volume.

Garments that favor if you have a large breast size

The tops should be a little loose and a little long but without being oversize because, in this case, they still give more volume sensation in the chest area and the whole body in general.

Instead, jackets and American that put on you if you will be well tailored and are a great resource to hide, like vests (always smooth and neutral colors).

Do not wear short shirts or clothes with ruffles, draping or beads in the chest area.

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