Dressed for the New Year

It is time to say goodbye to the year 2006. New year’s Eve waiting with celebration, champagne, and hopes for the new year.But what should we wear? Manolo thought give some guidance and inspiration to ring in the new year with style.

The tuxedo is the garment that most associated with new year celebrations. To get in a full Tuxedo to new year’s Party would for me and probably many others seem like total overkill.Fortunately, the tuxedo Blazer work great to use separately, for example, a pair of jeans.The tuxedo Blazer has lately become increasingly popular and more famous clothing designer has made his own interpretation. Throughout history has been the tuxedo Blazer black or white. Style icon, the Duke of Windsor , however, came the idea to sew up a tuxedo in dark blue is now a recognised and stylish options. Characteristic of the tuxedo Blazer is the shiny lapels which are often quite pointed. Usually barely the tuxedo Blazer with just a button, but there are double-breasted versions. Here are some examples:

Ralph Lauren fall 2006-a classic Tuxedo with really sharp blow

Turnbull & Asser–a personal favorite. A variant of dark green velvet, which may not be very useful this year’s remaining 364 days, but terribly charming.

Burberry fall 2006–Quilted (?!) Tuxedo Jacket in glossy purple. Speaks for itself.

New year really gives possibility to put some extra effort into accessories. Replace the belt with it everyday and watch for God’s sake to Polish shoes properly! For those of you who need a little inspiration, here are some other very nice accessories for the new year.

Bow tie
It has escaped to the fly in autumn seriously faced a new era. The fly is both funny and charismatic. While it can be a little nerdy gives it a very uppklätt and elegant impression.Important however is that the fly is used to a real dress shirt with a bit of texture and shine.Here is an example from Charles Tyrwhitt.

The fly and the tuxedo Blazer goes to opt out, but the cuff links are almost a must. However, forget all that stuff with secret compartments and hilarious characters. The new year should manschettknaparna be sober and luxurious.

Handkerchief is one of man’s best friends. The new year is well a white it perhaps the most safest card. It a bit bolder, choose a color that stands out a bit. I have seen with horror that it starts to get more and more packages with tie and handkerchief in the exact same pattern. Style and package deal has nothing to do with each other. Match the handkerchief with the shirt color or break off with very different color/pattern.

Commonly used along with a tuxedo is a solid color or weakly patterned scarf in silk. Manolo really want to strike a blow for this rather unknown detail. If the fly is too much and the tie a little boring so combine sidenhalsduken with preferably a white shirt and dark blazer. It will hear the Kilgours Creative Director Carlo Brandellis favorite garments like this posing in just a spotted scarf above his Jaguar XK. (Image Telegraph)

Not whole without a nice pair of shoes! Converse is the top the rest of the year, but on new year’s day, they should be turned off in favor of a couple of little stilenligare. Patent leather shoes works great and fits both Tuxedo as jeans. Shiny patent leather shoes feels for maybe a couple of more luxurious brougepjucks attracts more, that the pictured above from Patrick Cox. For those who like to play around with colors, it can be fun to bet on a couple of colorful socks who might match the shirt or handkerchief. Richard James and Paul Smith has some really nice.