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When it comes to fashion, beauty and style there is no way think of Gisele Bündchen. The gaucha arrived quietly, won the Brazil and today is the top model number 1 in the world. Symbol of brazilian beauty she is the example for many women.

……………This month as is the tradition übermodel created a special collection for the C & A. The pieces are all inside of Gisele and style are all light and fashions. Long dresses, jeans and gowns abound.

The style of the template has a special touch. With a body to envy the Lady likes to abuse the shorts and the necklines but nothing that seems common. Day by day she bet on the jeans that give more comfort and practicality to any look. Are the pants or Bermuda, she always gives a show according to CYCLINGENTHUSIASM.COM.

……………With the jeans the best doing is betting on a blouse cool and Accessories. Vests, scarves, handkerchiefs, jackets …. Gisele does not waive any of them. The walk she likes to wear flats and boots comfortable. In daily life it’s hard to find a picture of high heels model.

. Another piece that can not miss in the wardrobe of the beautiful are the dresses. Adept of the long and Gisele Budchen free gives quite a show wherever you are. Even during the pregnancy she won’t give up the dresses.

……………Finally we have the clothes. Since gained worldwide fame model lives in celebrity events and wrong who thinks she makes ugly. Gisele always surprises and makes people proud of the simple and elegant way to dress.

Aware of all your beauty the Lady likes to impose on sensuality the leverages to innovate in looks that end up turning trends around the world. In those cases, she didn’t give up the heels and jewelry.

……………But what do you think of the style of Gisele Bundchen? Leave your comment.

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