Earphone Has 14 Hours Battery Life and Preserves Your Hearing

Artificial Intelligence constantly monitors audio to improve sound and ensure safe volume

Earphone Has 14 Hours Battery Life and Preserves Your Hearing

The Edge is yet another Bluetooth headset that is making success in IndieGogo .The device features artificial intelligence – technology that can identify when the sound is at unsafe levels.With the feature, the handset makes adjustments to preserve the user’s hearing, as well as make automatic enhancements to the audio.

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In addition, the headphone has a battery life of 14 hours, among other specifications that promise clear and noise-free sound.The campaign on the collective financing website has already reached the target and is still open for a month, with packages starting at $ 149 (about R $ 470 in direct conversion).

The secret is on the logic board developed by Nakamichi, maker of Edge.Its integrated artificial intelligence analyzes the music frequencies, the volume and the timbre of the instruments.After that, the technology is able to improve the clarity, depth and breadth of the sound – which tends to highlight previously unnoticeable elements in music.

Intelligence is also responsible for preserving hearing by monitoring the volume every five seconds.When it detects that the user has heard loud music for a long time, the technology sends a decibel alert or makes automatic adjustments to the volume, as previously set by the owner.

The device features dual drivers that promise zero-sound distortion, with the goal of playing clearer audio and cleaner bass.The Edge also features four noise-canceling microphones, which block outside noises and make the sound harmonize with that of the environment.To increase comfort when using, the 195 gram supra-headset comes with leather ear and head cushions.

The package includes 3.5 mm cable, which allows the connection via wire with cell phones and tablets, in addition to Bluetooth.The box also comes with a USB charging cable and an instruction manual.The audio specifications encompass frequency response from 10 Hz to 20,000 Hz, impedance of 10 Ohms and battery charge time of approximately four hours.

The Edge is available in black, blue and red colors and will be shipped from August.For Brazil, the delivery rate varies from US $ 15 to US $ 35, depending on the package chosen at the time of purchase.