Easy Double Crochet Scarf Patterns for Beginners

I am very happy for scarves. Not so much because they can help keep me warm, but because a scarf is an easy piece of accessories that can give my look a little edge.

But at the same time, is a piece of tricky Scarfs accessories. On Curvea Ahead we write a lot about how clothing can emphasize in your figure instead of hiding it. If you are not careful with your scarves, they can easily get to strap ben for the clothes that best highlights your figure.

Here I am in an outfit that makes really good for my figure. I have a good bra that lifts and supports my bosom. I have a shirt on, that accentuates my waistline, and V-cut makes me look taller and thus less out. The whole thing will be highlighted by the fact that my shorts have the right length for my legs. I see in other words quite sensible addition in this outfit.

But what happens when I add a scarf? If you are not aware, it happens that the scarf drowns your neck. When you can’t see your neck, you’ll see brief out and your upper body becomes more compact. It becomes even more prominent if you have longer hair, which is in addition to your shoulders. This you need to be especially aware if your body type is ice cream cone or Apple, where you need to work with to get you over the body to appear smaller.
Have you mastered your body type – otherwise you can get smarter here (opens in new window)

Here I have quickly smacked a large scarf and a tube scarf around his neck. Both drown my throat and hides my V-neckline. In other words, it would destroy the thing, I’ve done my best to highlight for the benefit of my figure.

Don’t worry. This is not the wizard that recommends you to stop using scarves. It is the guide that recommends that you pay attention, when you take the scarves on. For both tube scarf and the great scarf can easily be used without drowning your figure.

Just look here, where I spent 15 seconds on the twisting scarves so they don’t fill up so much. Here is the tube scarf, however, a bit of a challenge, since it can’t really wires, since it is sewn together. But you can get it to think of less.

Personally, I am not so fond of tube scarves, because I think they are hard to get to sit nicely and take up too much space on my upper body and get my large breasts to fill up too much. Tube scarves, I recommend to you, who has the body shape bulb or pillar, where you just have to work with to get more volume on your upper body to create balance between upper and lower body.

Scarf as my easy accessories that highlight
As written, I am big fan of scarves, because it can be the easy accessories. That is why I have a large collection of small square scarves that can easily be wires, so they do not fill up as much when I take them on. The smaller scarves highlights my neck instead of hiding them. And when I have a bodice with V-neckline on highlights snipperne V-carving. Thus the scarf more than just a piece of Northern Mariana Islands. It also helps to emphasise my figure.

If you don’t like to go with a bodice that accentuates your figure, you should be even more aware of the great scarves. For if you also hide your neck, you’ll see very square out and then steals your lower body the attention from your beautiful face.

Here can it on hottest recommended that you go after the small square scarves, bindable, so the highlights your throat. Read more on Growtheology.

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