Easy Fashion Style Tips

I can not so good like the question: How would you describe your personal style?

For, in essence, I am for a bit of everything. Both the classic black/white, the flamboyant, the simple and the more rowdy.

But if I was asked what I’m good at when it comes to personal style, so the answer is:
Mixing patterns.

I love to mix different patterns, because it’s an easy way to make my dress a little more fun and personal, and because the Visual effect of different designs is a small instrument with great effect.

Pictures from our Instagram-profile @bridgatdk says it all.

The pictures also says something about what goes back in my wardrobe. It is of course the patterns, I’m most pleased: Dots, stripes and leoprint.

It is exactly that, you must be based in, if you want to get started with playing with mønstermix. It you already have in your wardrobe, and it as you are fond of. When you take off in something you already have, will be mixed for personally, and in this way you avoid that the clothes you have on does not make you happy, because this is something that you have been unable to buy because there was one here at Curves Ahead, who said it was a good idea.

Of course, you can easily go out and buy new clothes to mix with. But do it with heart and purchase it, that makes you feel good about yourself. For it is one of the most important parameters for personal style.

Mix patterns from the same color scale. In this way, your mix more classic, and you avoid getting to look like someone who just has taken some random clothes out of the closet.

Play with contrasts. A classic striped shirt gets the edge if you are mixing with an animal print

A solid color element can create peace in your mønstermix. For example, use a solid color cardigan over a polka dot upper, as you have set to a few strib ask pants.

Large dots attracts more attention than small

Narrow stripes creates context, but broad stripes can make it look as if your body will be cut into slices

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