Editorial! Teen Fashion Trends For All Styles

Teen fashion has never been more democratic. The order of the day is free to be and wear what you want-as long as it’s within the climate of the squad (“platoon”) to which it belongs, of course. In this digital, fast beat and connected, the fashion productions seeking inspiration from different sources. Music festivals, street style, fashion week, runway, red carpet and bloggers give ammunition to the generation of way-of-life, which won’t let go of social networks for a minute.

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We, then, four different profiles to portray the class style influencer, born between 1980 and 2000 – also known as the Millenials: fashion bloggers, retro fashion, hipsters and black divas. Inspired by the colors of this editorial and set what style do you want to be today. After all, tomorrow is another day … Enjoy!

Fashion Bloggers

The bloggers are the great influenciadoras sets of recent times. Whatever they use, wear or consume becomes a fever. Are assiduous in fashion weeks and with a wardrobe to envy to any mortal. The style of fashion bloggers is sophisticated, underscore and is the object of desire of 10 between 10 girls who follow social networks. The hi-lo is the key style trick for this class. Bet also on good accessories for cause in the productions of #lookdodia.


If the style is as important as the music, of course, the music festivals have become a big catwalk for this class. The Coachella is the maximum inspiration of this tribe, with very short shorts, t-shirt, batinhas podrinha and boho style dresses. Franjados accessories and booties taken off are indispensable to compose this astral beyond cool. Comfortable, the looks that guys inspire freedom and are perfect for clicks that pop up on social networks.

Retro Fashion

The fashion for thrift store won a new impetus in recent seasons thanks to stylist Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci. Inspired by the authentic retro style, he develops collections that are already serving as a guide to cool, girls who want to have a more romantic cult. Bet on effective combination skirt + shirt in light fabrics, with transparencies. The eyeglasses (or “do degree”) is a key trend, as well as the beret.

Black Diva

Is it the music mimics the fashion or fashion that mimics the song? Divas of music like Rihanna and Beyonce, one of the great style icons of fashion today, are the biggest inspirations of this mood. Sexy productions and italicized always bring a cool mix of sports fashion, transparencies and multiple styles.


Creative direction and design: mauren motta (mm 51 3072-6875 content)

Qroduction of fashion and styling: mauren motta, fran piovesan and morgana ludwig

Production assistant: fernanda scott

Makeup: savannah sampson (studio leo 51 3516-4847 zamper) and natalia marangoni (51-3062 poa cube 3119)

Hair: emannuelle ribeiro (cube poa) stuart forrester (cube poa)

Photo: carolina (studio 51 catafesto 3028-1881)

Photography assistants: bibiana and aline morena barbosa (catafesto studio)

Image processing: carlos cramer (studio catafesto)

Models: bettina floricke, julia feil, kim, lízia bueno, kosaraju ab, natalia luft, paola dahmer, vitoria rao (joy model management 51 3312-5672)

Location: locals only (sarmento leite, 1086, phone 51 3022-4787)

Stores that participated in this editorial: forever 21, daniel cassin, samuel barrashoppingsul, louloux, vanilla, tok and paquetá sports.