Electrician Can Wear Wedding Ring, Watch, Bracelet, and Necklace?

With every passing day there is a growing concern with the well-being of workers in general, and this can be noticed with the implementation and advancement of labor laws and the Regulatory Norms (NR) that cover the most diverse professional activities, among them that of the electrician .

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As a result, companies began to charge their employees for compliance with these standards when applicable to their activities, whether for fear of fines, loss of tax benefits or the understanding that a remote employee is more expensive.Some companies already have the correct view that security is not a cost as it was thought in the past, but an investment, which generates better incomes and welfare for employees, in short, a vision that security is also quality of life according to Lawfaqs.
Among these concerns is the ban on the use of embellishments in the work environment, be it a work, a trade, a hospital or an industry.

What is personal adornment?

As personal adornments are considered ornaments such as rings, watches, bracelets, brooches, exposed piercings and the like, and ties and buttons are also hung with cord.

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Does NR 10 allow personal adornment?

For electricians, the most important Regulatory Standard is NR 10 , which deals with activities in electrical installations and services with electricity.
Among the measures that aim to guarantee the health and safety of the worker we have: The use of personal adornment is prohibited in works with or near electrical installations.

Although it is only an item in the whole extension of this NR it is noticed that it is direct and without margin to interpretations or discussions, being something so delicate that prohibits the use even in places close to these activities;
Another Norma Regulamentadora that deserves attention is the NR 32, which deals with the health and safety of workers in health care establishments, where there is also a ban on the use of ornaments. The employer shall prohibit:

  1. B) the act of smoking, the wearing of ornamentsand the handling of contact lenses in the workplace;

What are the risks of using decorations?

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Each of the above objects poses a risk to the electrician in both residential and industrial work.The ring or alliance is one of the major responsible for generating accidents by getting caught or curled up during an activity such as descending a ladder, resulting in twisting, breaking, loss of tissue or even limb loss. In addition, necklaces, watches and wristbands, as well as being able to get hooked in some place, take an additional risk in the industries because they can get entangled in the moving parts of various equipment, and in extreme cases lead to death.

The awareness of the electrician

One of the biggest problems is the worker’s awareness of the risk of wearing ornaments. When the electrician works within an industry, the company will monitor or alert you through the Daily Safety Dialogue (DDS), which is quick conversations with workers about the risks of an accident at work; The problem begins when they are outside the supervised environment or working as autonomous because there enters the habit of using these objects, an extra vanity to show or a dangerous trust generated from years using such adornments without crashing.
When you work, keep in mind the risks and especially the consequences that can permanently affect your life and your family.