Equivalences Between Sport Bra Sizes


It must be noted that the sizes are equivalent does not mean that you serve all of them. Only one will be yours , but depending on brands and models have to go up and down on either side to find the perfect, because of course science sizing is not accurate.

For this reason we tried many times to buy a bra that left us well and we ended up taking a size that is equivalent (or something similar) to what we should wear. Not having the cup in the store we need, we try to sell a equivalante that makes us the trick. In my case , for example, often they have sold me a 100D. I size it is generally perfect the 85H. If we follow the volume table 85H = 90G = 95F = 100E, so in truth I wore a size that it was in volume, something like what I needed, a drink less than they really need (100D = 85G for sports bra size). The problem is that although volume is equivalent, in outline it is not and therefore I will not give the attachment that I need . A bra 100E not serve me anything because the band would raise me in the back and chest do not hold me, although my two breasts remain within the fabric.

I understand that having more than 100 sizes in stock would be quite expensive for most stores, but at least I think it is important that we ourselves are aware of what we need and we will not be fooled with equivalent sizes do not make us the necessary function and they make us feel bad. I’m tired of hearing people say with big breast bearing the “100” or “115” or “95D” as if they were huge sizes. D is not a too big cup. It is the fourth largest (or smaller, depending how you look) there. Do not be fooled by the big chains that we try to put on his clothes but not left us well. And the 115 is not a large size. In fact already I made ​​it clear that not even a size If a 115B then is a small chest. If it is a 115J, then yes we could say that is great.

To end this post I’d put a picture that I think is very interesting and is taken from the blog of Butterfly Collection, a Canadian store specializing in large sizes and good fittings. It is 5 D cup bras of different sizes contour where it is clear that neither the band nor the cup are the same, but keep a ratio between them. If you click on the picture you take your post talking about the same subject (in English, of course).


I hope I made myself clear. I start to write and I realize that it is more difficult to explain things in what I thought If you have any doubt, question or comment Leave it under and between all try to help. (To comment you must go next to the title and click on the small sandwich. Comentad even to say hello, so do not feel you are alone spoken hahaha).

Until the next post!