Escape the Cold Temperatures of the Weekend with BBQ Tour!

The cold came in autumn for the Center-South region of the country. For today (10), the National Institute of meteorology (Inmet) provides for minimum -5 degrees South and -1° C, to the Southeast. Frosts can occur from the South, even in Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Escape the Cold Temperatures of the Weekend with BBQ Tour!

And the question that won’t shut up: what to do this weekend with this cold?

Our #dicabempassada to ward off the cold is the “BAR-BEER-CUE”, which takes place tomorrow at Brewdog. Check out the description of the event:

Mastering the grill, that long before you get out of bed, BBQ Tour of comrades Bruno Panhoca and Claudio Sander arrive showing the traditional American-inspired barbecue Barbecue.
Using a technique known as low & slow, low temperatures and a long time to gain meat flavor and a tenderness impossible to hit in the traditional method.

Ôooo menu:
Smoked Ribs
Smoked pork ribs for 6 hours on firewood, fruit trees and the secret dry rub BBQTour

Bacon Bombs
Meatloaf wrapped in bacon, stuffed with caramelized onions with soy sauce and cheddar cheese

Yellow Pepper (veggie option)
Smoked yellow bell pepper, stuffed with cous-cous braseados vegetables.

** All above dishes came with smoked potatoes with garlic and Rosemary, crumbly and crunchy beer stout barbecue sauce.

And much more!

Hopinator of light:

And the sound Mr. Dog????
Calm young man, going to happen!!!

Party guaranteed by:
-Dj Julio Tattoo, resident on the nights of 89, Memphis and always playing very Classic rock and strands.
-The Running Like Lions was formed in 2011, when Bruno Pears, Caio Saad and Dan Pereira left the H.E.R., band in which the three were playing guitar. The RLL, Bruno and Dan remained under the command of six strings, while Caio migrated to the low. The three share the voices. Arthur Carvalho held the post of drummer until the recording of the split “Magic Shell”, released in the second half of 2014, when the sticks were taken over by Rodrigo Lazo.

That’s it, nothing better to ward off the cold of that stay close to the pit (smoker), take top beers and shake the skeletons with a good rock!