Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands

For a long time, fair trade products are summarized in simple food such as coffee, tea, or cocoa… Frankly no direct relationship with the mode at the beginning…Then, one day, brands armed with good soles (among others) began to blossom gradually.

The p’ monster kid consumer passion for clothes that we represented then quickly realized that the society in which he lived had not only naughty defects, since she was now giving him the choice between:

  1. Spend the money selfishly and blindly without thinking to… the value of his actions (before even that of its purchases)
  2. Spend your money in a responsible manner… more useful, and especially less personal purposes. Prosumer, they say.

This choice is one that offers fair trade. Applied to clothes, it gives the “textilement correct”. And here here some explanations that might unlock the unlucky trapped between the choice n ° 1 and n ° choice 2!

Fair trade?

Fair trade is based on several principles:

  • Ensure a fair remuneration for producers and workers in manufacturing workshops, as well as all stakeholders in the commercial chain.Basically: a decent wage that can cover all the basic needs for food, housing, health, education…
  • Ensure respect for the fundamental rights of people: not exploited children, forced labour or any form of slavery.
  • Establish sustainable relations between economic partners and promote stability of employment.
  • The preservation of the environment: vade retro insecticidos and pesticidos
  • Offer consumers quality products (Yes, even when it is important that too)

When ethics made his show

Held annually in Paris, the Ethical Fashion Show is a happening fashionistas that presents a 100% ethical fashion through all kinds of conferences and fashion shows. An event that allows creators to prove that it is quite possible to respect the human rights, social rights and environmental protection and the garment industries.
In short, to apply all the criteria of sustainable development! All remaining hype to hype please… because it’s fine (bio?) to buy useful, but we also want the trend we!

A few ethical brands in France

One thing became quite possible when you see what are ethical brands of her clothes we offer today.

Misericordia: brand of sportswear made entirely in the Peruvian orphanage Nuestra Senora of the Misericordia (which includes a school, an orphanage and a sewing school run by two sisters).
Misericordia, this is a great collection that is based on the uniforms of the Institute: jackets, T-shirts, tops, dresses, skirts… declined for the man, the woman, but also for the child. All materials are purchased on the market in Lima next to the orphanage and clothes are then made by 20 employees who are alumni of the Institute (all adults of course). A humanist and very user-friendly business according to the 2 founders of the brand: ‘in our small team, everyone knows, eat together and is perfectly integrated… “. ».
Misericordia is going up, going up… and brand which is already distributed in some super-sharp points of sale fashion (store Colette in Paris including belongs, is all). More info on the official site.

Veja: Veja and its basketball in the small side Old School in the 70’s. Sole natural rubber, canvas in organic cotton… what convince us that ethics, it also works very well to the radius of the pump 🙂
In Brazil, Veja means “Look”: look around you, take conscience of the things, wonder how, why…

Created in 2004, the brand tries to initiate a chain of solidarity and fair, from the small Brazilian producer through to the general public in order to prove that it is possible to work otherwise. A project that is based on 3 key points:

  • Use of material from fair trade
  • Focus on ecological materials
  • Manufacture in dignity

In the end, it gives pretty sneakers (79 euros) already adopted by our friends the peoples (we recently saw them at the feet of the beautiful Chris Martin of Coldplay!). More info on Our site.

And abroad

Edun: Founded by the singer Bono of the band U2 and his beloved wife Ali Hewson. When rock combined with humanitarian aid, it gives a first collection elegant and refined a bit in the Ralph Lauren spirit.

This year, they are already attacking another line: ‘ Edun Live ‘, T-shirts and other basics (around 17 euros). It was released on the occasion of the U2 world tour which takes place at the moment.
An entry on the fashion scene fair very noted for the spokesman for the third world. More info on Our site.

For example, American Apparel. Brand Ethics ultraliberaliste, easily recognizable in his ads a bit provocative ‘ (for the p’tite anecdote: employees who pose!), and offers a variation of teeshs, shorts or pants fitted arched coupes.

All largely reasonable prices (top to 17 euros on sale on Factory is located in the middle of the neighborhood of gangs in L.A., and houses all brand activities: design, manufacturing and administrative. Let’s not forget the friendly working conditions for the 4,000 employees of AA: a wage equivalent to double the RMI us, social security coverage and even courses English and massages at their disposal (priced at 55 h working anyway, it’s part of the game!)
Include site web Editor of cute Tshirts, Our site, the tshirts are from American Apparel brand.

The country of the sweetness, organic cotton is King

From cotton to organic farming (which keeps the soil healthy and fertile, while preserving the balance of nature) has plenty of advantages: not only environmentally, but cotton is really high quality. Super comfort and maxi sweetness! Humm… A real treat to wear and touch the bio-organic cotton. All without risk of allergy of race. Finished so the “it itches” or “tickle” and instead of Super models that we get more to leave so we will feel good inside.

The clothes in organic cotton top, include the new WWF by Pimkie collection: for adorable T-shirts with the image of the famous panda which make it possible to support the association. Like what ethics, it is not for small businesses. Even the multinational chains are joining in. More info on

Not bad too in style sportswear and urban, the Ideo line, along with Tudo Bom (“okay” in Portuguese), which is probably the most smiling and optimistic of sustainable development. More information on Our site and Our site.