Everything You Need to Know about Smart Watches

Today, technology is everywhere, even in watches! Many cellular manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, Sony and other companies, have launched intelligent watches, also known as smartwatches, which work together with smartphones.

Everything You Need to Know about Smart Watches

Smart watches can make your life a lot easier on TimeDictionary: you can see incoming messages, scheduling commitments, weather forecasting, social networking notifications, accessing album photos, doing internet searches, controlling music playback, using GPS, and more.

Who practices sports can still control all the workout, like calories worn, heartbeat and path of a race for example. And the best of all is that you do all this without even having to take the smartphone out of your pocket!

The only thing you’re going to need to do with your cellphone is to answer calls. Some models have even microphone so you can access the Virtual Wizard. Remember I told you about their advantages here?

And it looks cool: the battery lasts a couple of days depending on how much you’re going to use the clock. So you don’t have to worry about loading all the time like your cellphone!

To synchronize with your smartphone is very easy, look at:

If the smart watch is Android, it’s just entering your smartphone’s application store and downloading the Android Wear app. It is he who will connect the two appliances; Then just follow the installation instructions.

Now, if the watch is an Apple watch, which has the operating system watches, it is only compatible with the IPhone and the application to connect with the phone already comes installed on the smartphone, okay?

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