Executive Summary of Smartwatch

Each technology has its peak in the development and market attractiveness. People and manufacturers have different reasons for seeking new technology hit, but this search is definitely embedded in the nature of both groups. Current focuses of consumer interest globally are smart phones and tablets, but they are increasingly becoming household appliances, which is less able to enhance the incessant hunger for innovation and progress. For manufacturers fatigue market means a drop in corporate profits and shareholders was very angry at that. So look for a solution. According to us, obviously and as increasingly technological world leaders answer may be called. electronics to wear, and in particular – smart watches. For the term “portable devices” soon we will have a separate article, so I will now concentrate on the niche of smart watches.

According to InsuranceJust clever watch (smartwatch) is “computerized wristwatch with functionality that goes beyond displaying the right time …”.

First Player

The boom of portable devices happen and probably (hopefully) will not slow down soon, but just the opposite. They develop smart watches, but smart sports bracelets, smart clothes, smart home appliances, intelligent sports equipment, etc. Historical things in 2013 evolved around hearing to develop smart watch from Apple, but more importantly – along the appearance of the first device with real market success.

Second Player
Umne Bracelet Watch Samsung Gear Fit

Product Samsung Gear Fit will razglezhdamo detail because we include it in the category of “chasovnikopodobnite” smart bracelets for sport. We believe that smart watches will in time take over this category. Option possible future of these smart bracelets is to focus them as cheap and basic alternative for those interested in health and sport buyers but (Is there such a word? Google only gives 200 results.) From everyday wear smart watch. Otherwise, other sports and health smart devices have their own specific (actually quite large) audience and the future is ahead of them. Gear Fit e with impressive design and display, much cheaper from Gear 2, but there is much more modest functionality that is due to its modified RTOS operating system.

The theme of “smartuotch” proposals Samsung e to an end, so we decided to please you with 2 promotional videos on Galaxy Gear, which remind us that for many decades people want smart watches. After the videos will continue with the less successful players in the present segment.

The Other Players

Another relatively successful participant in smart watches last year was famed company Sony. From there offering their Sony Smartwatch and Sony Smartwatch 2 (SW2), which were presented as companion for successful smartphones from Sony. Their details you can browse respectively here and here.