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Perfect combination: in the same piece the versatility of the jeans and the super comfort of the sweatshirt. Who is connected in fashion, knows that it exists: it is the sweatpants jeans. And the new Summer Collection of Consciousness Jeanshas several pieces with this fabric.

The biggest characteristic of the sweatpants jeans models is that they have the leg part with a tight, elasticated waist that can be long or shorter, since the fabric of the piece, even the jeans, is more loose, making the Legs have a softer side.

This model is influenced by the trend that unites the urban style with the sport, leaving the pieces with an air stripped without losing the elegance (see below in the photo with Anitta).

For those who do not know the trend started with women ‘s sweatpants, they had a strong sports appeal, there the piece appeared combined with jumps, sweaters and delicate housings, among other compositions according to plus-size-tips.

Tips For Wearing Jeans

The secret to not leaving your look with this type of jeans very sporty is to combine it with t-shirts more tidy and on the feet opt ​​for sneakers, espadrilles, shoes and heels.

Another look that jeans sweatshirt matches very well is the street trend, in which many girls identify quite a bit. The look is perfect to wear at school, hanging out with friends on an informal ride and bike riding.

Cool Denim Line

The Cool Denim line of the new Summer Collection of Conscience Jeans is all made in fabrics with construction, look and feel of sweats, but with the style and versatility of jeanswear.

This Anitta look for the Summer Collection catalog sums up everything we talk about in this sweatpants jeans.

Cool, huh?

Then come and meet the new Summer 2016 Collection of Conscience Jeans! The launch is tomorrow, 07, in the new store of Brás (Rua Mendes Junior, 395).

The Anitta and model Erasmo Vianna already confirmed their presence!

We are waiting for you!