Explore the History of Pajamas

A good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy life, doctors say. It is therefore necessary that the place to relax and close your eyes to embark on a rare rest is calm, quiet and dark.

In addition to the perfect environment, it is important to have comfortable clothes to sleep, that is, we need pajamas for a refreshing night’s sleep.

But do you know who invented this piece of sleepwear so essential to our everyday life? For the curious, we have prepared a summary about the history of Pajamas. Check out

The Origins Of The Pajamas

Despite a lot of research on the subject, there is some doubt about exactly when people began to wear clothes to bed. What is known is that the word Pajama, used in Portuguese to name this costume, comes from the Persian peyjama, which means clothing for the legs. Besides Portuguese, languages such as English and Hindi use words similar to the Persian origin, so I find the true inventor of this outfit is so difficult.

The special costumes for sleep began to be reported by the 14th century, although if you believe that humanity already uses this special clothing for over 6000 years. The European nobles wore heavy clothing during the day and were tired of so many layers and, therefore, began to wear lighter clothes at bedtime, giving rise to the first official Pajamas in history.

The Appearance Of The Pajamas

Although today there are to fashion shows to pajamas, the reality was not always so. In the past, the Pajamas were sweaters that covered her neck, had long sleeves and were made of wool. The function was not beautify or dictate trends, but rather to ensure a proper dress to the standards of the time and heat who wore, because there was no heating in the houses and the people suffered because of the harsh winter in Europe and the northern hemisphere. This shirt was worn by men and women, without distinction.

After a few centuries, the Pajamas that are specific to the female audience. Negliée and calls made from lighter fabrics, these shirts were very popular among women.

For men, the great sweater was divided into two parts, a bermuda combined with a wide and comfortable shirt, giving rise to the basic men’s pajamas. These changes have influenced much the Pajamas we wear nowadays, made of various fabrics and in several models, both for men and for women.

Pajamas for Women

The Pockets Of The Pajamas

If you are someone who is observant and curious, you’ve probably wondered that. If we’re going to sleep, so we need pockets? After all, we’re at home and we don’t have to carry documents and money to bed.

Well, it is believed that the pockets became famous in the 18th century, the industrial revolution. People worked a lot of hours per day and had to take things with you, even in moments of relaxation, like glasses and small tools. So, I even won Pajamas pockets!