Eyeliner for Drooping Eyelids

Today I bring you a tutorial, since many have asked me to explain you how a delineated when the eyelids are fallen.

The first thing we have to be clear from beautypically, is that it is not the same have drooping eyes which have drooping eyelids.

When we speak of drooping eyes, we refer to the shape and location of our eye in the frame of the face.

When we speak of drooping eyelids, we refer to the excess skin that accumulates in our upper eyelid forming a curtain or on the eyelid crease.

We can even find eyes that are not fallen or drooping eyelids to have and if you have fall water line, as in my case.

Depending on how is each eye we will choose the type of makeup more suitable to him, but today we are going to focus exclusively on the outline of the eyes with drooping eyelid.

With the product that best suits our tastes, we draw a line flush with the upper lashes.In this case, the model takes the delineated fact from tear.

In the area closest to the tear, the line is always finer and we will progressively grow it much closer to the end of the eye, but not remove corner.

Finish always outlined with the open eye and looking from the front. In this position, draw angle and direction of the corner. Tilt and direction of our outlined, marks the lower water line. Now the delineated that Ascend toward the eyebrow, but rather are not more horizontal, tending toward the temple.

We return to close an eye and see that our eyelid skin crease has formed an escaloncito. We join with a straight line of the escaloncito two strokes, fill the gap and already we have ready our delineated.

In this way, when we have the open eye, a perfect outline looks and is not hidden under the skin of the fold.

I hope I have been of use and that those who have a drooping eyelid, Miss you fear to the delineated.