Fashion Glossary: Cool Dyed

Advertising with style

Fashion Glossary: Cool Dyed

New or just newly named? A bit of both. I’m running at least a new term in the world of fashion through the way each season. This spring it is the word cool dyed (advertising). As a fashion professional will remain there only one thing: Google. And look at Leo, where only stands, i.e. dyed colored. I have however at liberty Lady fashion (advertising) in the style of the program found and noted that there already is.

Cold colored?

What is cool dyed, also Cold Dyed called out? You could say maybe batik look. Or washed out. On the one hand include leaching in the seam area, on the other hand are often top items and embroideries here, like in my tunic shirt dress from, I just looked at for 10 reasons for this look . Today I wear it with a belt on the waist to the pants.

For whom?

This style fits women who like it casually and somewhat playful. The materials are usually soft and flowing, often from Jersey. Embroidery and lace elements, the style is feminine, a sporty touch remains the base fabric. I like it!

Cool outfit details dyed

  • Tunic shirt dress no secrets (2014)
  • Stretch trousers BON’ BON’A PARTE (2014)*
  • Ankle boots DUO (2014)**
  • Chain Sence Copenhagen (2014)
  • Glasses Joy House (2015)

How are you with new words in fashion? Do you like cool dyed?

For this post with the links, I was charged and received an allowance. Thus, the post is an ad. Nevertheless, the post – as always – are again my honest, free and subjective opinion.