Fashion in Movies Clothes

Fashion, it is not only in the street and on the catwalks. The evidence, some films are good lookes. Leah toured the movies which she willingly stealing wardrobe.

When I’m not busy to watch passing trains or the reality show candidates who sweat, sometimes rummage  in a pile of DVD to find a movie.

Sometimes I yawn deeply, sometimes I laugh like a whale. Sometimes I drool in front of the screen as a snail that would have drunk discovering the fantastic outfits designed by costumers.

I’m not looks of time with on sides of meshes and Elf ears, talking but of these clothes that I could wear in the street. Quick tour of those films that beat me in the retina.

Pretty in Pink (1986)

“Pretty in Pink” a.k.a “Pink” in French, is one of those movies that date to death, but I like to watch Sunday afternoon ‘ as a small Granny, with the threesome plaid, tea and cinnamon cookies.

As corny as “Dirty Dancing”, the story is a gimmick of the romantic comedy. Andie, a poor and somewhat eccentric teenager, falls in love with Blaine, the cleaner of the corner, which necessarily comes from the Golden youth.

To complete the picture, Andie has more friends perched than the other: his best friend Duckie sways like a God on the Otis Redding, and his colleague Iona is a punk a little shaken.

If the scenario is underneath the daisies, looks are incredible so they stick to the characters of the characters at the edge of the photo. “Pretty in Pink” is a little Gallery perfect fashion in the 1980s.

All outfits out of the imagination of the American costume designer Marilyn Vance, specializing in the styles a bit indie, who also signed the costumes of “Pretty Woman”, “Die Hard” or “The Breakfast Club”.

The character of Andie, who doesn’t have a lot of tunes, Tinker itself clothes. The result is completely crazy, ultra bobo and downright fascinating. Andie cultivated the Granny chic, look at base of outfits flowered, accessories galore, pins and hats.

All need not be classy but gives always seem to be a Fashionista Super creative. It produced even a prom dress from an old francs, like that, with a snap of my fingers. In short, Andie is somewhat a hipster prematurely, except that she is really poor.

Blaine is the perfect stereotype of the son of a good family without much personality. He still looks out of a barrel of laundry, and no door classic clothes, shirt, jacket and pants in pastel shades.

Conversely, the look of Duckie is a sort of mix between the flashy rockabilly and the crooners of the years 1950 The character carries with lots of flashy accessories like straps, hats and glasses, and my dream is to convert all the guys in the world as off style.

Cry-Baby (1990)

Do you like musicals and Johnny Depp? I draw two conclusions. As my Apple, you’re a big cliché, but increasingly, it is just inconceivable that you’re missing “Cry-Baby”.

As in “Pretty in Pink”, the scenario smacks not exactly original, but whatever. While youngster Johnny is the local Hoodlum, a bad boy known as Cry Baby because of a false tear tattooed under her eye. It was love at first sight for Allison, a young girl of good family.

As you know, people are going to spend a lot of time trying to separate them, and the players a long time to sing and dance on a soundtrack which roxe Mommy.

The film resembles ‘Grease’, including visually, but the story is even more silly and mimics overacting, which makes it awfully funny, Vo but especially in VF. And the costumes are just as nice as was casting John Travolta.

The “Cry-Baby” look is totally rockabilly, this subgenre of rock’roll was born in the 1950s and which has experienced a second youth in the 1970s. The guys all look like Elvis, a little less canon, except Cry-Baby of course. Hoop, they have the banana. Into, they have a predilection for the wannabee leather, open neck shirts and tight slims.

On the side of the girls, the Cry-Baby intrested have dog and cultivate the pin-up style with a skirts skinny pencils, blouses, privateers, scarves and stilettos, all in red and black, as Jeanne Mas. Not to mention a ultra-charge make-up with a lipstick farting and plenty of eyeliner.

If the vamp kind makes you vibrate, you can reread this great tutorial of Hill to get a look at the Wanda. Allison is a little less funky and just wear dresses girl good girl in lace and the noeudnoeuds in the hair.

Heels needles (1992)

I could have chosen any film Almodóvar to cause you the look of his characters, because only outright, we can speak of a true aesthetic. Costumes are fitting with the atmosphere, light, sets, short, an Almodovar movie, it’s a little party with tapas systematics for the eyes.

Reminder of the history of “High heels”: Becky, an old castafiore of pop that has a great tendency to melodrama, returns home after years of touring. She finds her daughter Rebecca, a chick looks a bit stuck (but air only), who married one of her former lovers. Then it’s the classic Almodovar, at base of crimes, secrets of polichinelle, transvestites and hysterical and mysterious hero.

The characters in “High heels” are dressed in the same vein as all the others of the great Pedro. Program: colors that pop, huge print, ultra bling-bling jewelry, all with a touch of folk who give the impression of living in a postcard from Madrid.

Except that we’re at Almodóvar, not at the vamps, suddenly the outfits are not derivatives of Conchita. The Spanish Director is rather stalled in mode, and he has worked with a number of well-known designers.

For “High heels”, the design of the costumes is concocted by the paw of Karl Lagerfeld. Becky and Rebecca outfits are inspired by the early 1960s, respectively signed Armani and Chanel. The second bears a lot of red, which is somewhat typical of Almodovar color with all the connotations it implies: passion, sensuality, hot blood.

For my taste the most kitsch clothes remain those of the transvestite friend of Rebecca, with her dress with sequins and silk gloves. And the film also sends steak hoop. Special mention to the mega-talky and explosive wigs.

This Is England (2006)

For once, big change of register. “This Is England” is a film that I went totally by chance and that marked me for life, not only for his punk side to dogs. The scenario is very well built and I recommend it with numerous eucalyptus tissue boxes.

Basically, the film tells the evolution of a tween, who, in the North of England in the 1980s, on a background of social misery. His father disappeared, his peers at school are not exactly pleasant, so he finds refuge with a gang of skinheads who become his friends.

The skinhead movement has not yet the connotation that the public know it today and its members are rather likes kids, until they fall on the big bad who will lead them in the bad spiral. It’s violent and it takes you in tripe.

And above all, “This Is England” is a nice super concentrate of the different looks of the English youth rebel. You can come across many subcultures, including some inspired by the musical styles of the 1970s-80.

Guys wear following codes skinheads and closer movement “mods”. It basically means that they are wearing shirts of lumberjack plaid pants with suspenders, Harrington jackets, jeans, some totally indestructible Martens Docs, and especially that they have the skull also scalp than Fab.

On the side of the chicks, clothes are clearly flirting with the punk style. They mix jeans washed out and had holes with Tartan, net fishing, the overlays still big shoes and accessories.

The androgynous look is pimpe through hair finds worthy of the Sex Pistols, with the ruffled tif and violent discolorations. I also want to shout my love Cup Chelsea, this totally unlikely hairstyle with shaved/slim line sides and a mega-fringe.