Fashion Makeover Before and After

For a lecture, I was introduced to the theory that a woman uses his youth to try out all possible and impossible fashion trends to find his personal style. Subsequently she spends his adult life to chase down the clothes to suit the personal style no matter what, mature offering in the different seasons.

I will describe my personal style as classic casual with a twist of colors and stripes and leoprint. I am fond of black colour as the base and red and pink in all its forms to give a little noise.

in recent weeks, therefore, happened something surprising to me in relation to style. When it has crept into my consciousness, I don’t know. But at the unconscious level, it started with this article:

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then came this image on Instagram (here you can follow us at @bridgatdk)

Coat, up to size 56, 799.95 DKK, Zizzi

And then I came home last week with this flowery set, even though I went shopping to buy clothes in Snake print.

Flowers from head to toe: Such styler you style this set was really an eye-opener for me. Because when I hung up on my clothes closet, gave it to me for the first time in many years the feeling that I really had gotten new clothes. New clothes because this set doesn’t look like something i already had. It was not just a new striped Jersey, which was to replace the old one, which had been worn. It was not just a new black uppers with the practical aim to give new life to the clothes already hanging in the closet. It was new, as in a new print, new as in that it is many years ago, I’ve had a matching set with over and subdivision in identical print. New as of, that I’ve got the eyes up to pastels also is something for me.

At the weekend, there was time to relax a bit with reading fashion magazines. Here I took myself that I looked at with the most enthusiasm were bright red and clothes with flowers on. And so my spring Favorites suddenly looks very different than I had anticipated when I sat and wrote at the beginning of the year trend articles and started thinking about what I even wanted to go after in the new season.

Pink dress, up to size 56, 1013.90 USD + shipping, Maxima with Navabi

Floral dress, up to size 50, ca. 1400 KR. + shipping, Booth

Jersey, up to size 50, approx. 190 USD + shipping, Booth

Nail Polish, Exotic Liras, DKK 99.95 + shipping, Essie at the Matas

Earrings, 1200 kr, Julie Sandlau

Shoes, size 36-40, 575 USD + shipping, & other Stories

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