Fashion Week of Life

While scrolls the SPFW and my Instagram is invaded by party photos from Chanel, I was with the butt on the couch from home working up high at dawn. You know those jobs that consume us until the time of presentation?

Yes, folks, because life during the SPFW continues and is not entitled to champagne released.

It is for these and others that look of today is so: jeans. To celebrate everyone, I would love to be sitting in the front row, but, unfortunately, is sitting in the Office Chair.

But, as we’ve seen here, can be charming and puss even wearing jeans to go to toil.

And if summer came last week, this week he decided to take time off.It rained, the wind, cold. And I took the opportunity to put more clothes on. Clothes and turban. Because who knows when I will use it again.

In fact, I was dying to wear that turban with this blouse. Had already done that combination in one of the videos that you will soon see on YouTube and I thought it was really cool Fashion. There I was willing to put it out for a walk, but was so hot that it looked like I was going to stay for next year. But behold, Sao Paulo gave me with this crazy week.

Funny that I think turban works well with some looks and others do not. Can repair, most of the times I used here on the blog were with jeans. Whenever I put a dress with a turban, I keep thinking that was too much. But, on the other hand, the combination of basic and casual jeans with the eccentric of the turban is the perfect balance.

That’s it for today, folks. I’m so tired that I’m not getting or thinking more. I’m going to go take a rest and tomorrow I’m back to our fashion week of life.