Five new tops for my look

I have previously written a little bit about what shopping in New York plus size departments did for me
(What would it be? – opens in new window) – and of course must also view some of the clothes, who now lives in my wardrobe after the holidays. I’d focus on the tops when I went shopping in the Big Apple, when really I was running sur in the tops, I had. I’m super poor to plan purchases, so that is why I always end up with having absolutely wild many bottoms – and no parts. Or vice versa. Therefore I predict already, that I’m about a half year desperately missing bottoms. Well, the time, the shopping. Check out my top-buy out right here – and if you fall in love with you in one of them, you can buy it on the Web:

I do not have figures on how many black knit blouses I’ve owned over the years. This has caught my eye as the first, when I entered into the Lord & Taylor. It is a solid cotton knit, and I love the bådudskæringen and the small sleeves. I had it on out to dinner in New York – combined with black Capri pants, a pair of ballerinas and some beautiful, shimmering earrings. But I will also use it on a daily basis to a skirt and with a long gold necklace to.

Bomuldstop, up to size 2 x, ca. 300 USD + shipping at Macys, Jones New York

I’m crazy about this fine top, combining blue, black and white. The small pleats at the cut gives a feminine look – so does the small gold button-closure in the neck. I believe that it will be one of my trusty wardrobe’s friends, because the colors are so useful, I want to use it both to jeans and for neat, black pants. It is adorable with a navy cardigan over, while the get a little edge of a black blazer on top.

polka dot top, up to size 56, 300 USD + shipping, Jones New York

This shirt from Ralph Lauren was love at first sight. Let me say immediately that it is very long. I’m considering getting the loaded up, although I definitely intend to use it, as you see in the picture above. The black panel in the middle is with to give me height, since it causes the eyes to run up and down. I think it will be great for my leather skirt, but just as good for a few nice black uldbukser with my black blazer over – especially when I’m out with customers or for meetings. If you are Apple-shaped, so let the ultimate hang out over the edge, so they really suit can benefit from the black bar that goes all the way down to the lower


Shirt, up to size 3 x, ca. 575 USD + shipping, Lauren Ralph Lauren at Macys

If you saw Natasha and my jeansbattle last week (Jeans-battle: Skinny vs. gauge – opens in new window), then you have already seen how I plan to use this acid yellow top with gold chain and print. It is everything I never ever buy, but still, I couldn’t help but try and fall in love with me in it. Michael Kors-top has a V-cut in the perfect depth, and fine wrinkles on the shoulders, so it gets a little shape instead of just fall straight down. I will, as mentioned, use it for jeans with black blazer over, but I also think it will be fine this summer for my white linen trousers.

Top with gold chain, up to size 3 x, ca. 410 USD + shipping, MICHAEL Michael Kors at Macys

I reckon that this peak will be one of the most hard-working tops in my closet. The black and white color combination makes that the can be used for all – both jeans, black pants and skirts, cardigan or blazer over. It is impossible to see in the picture, but the black part is a little woven and between it and the white part is a panel in imitation leather, which gives the otherwise soft top little edge. The material is completely matte, which I love. And so has Calvin Klein been smart to sew with double layer, so it is not possible to see through the fabric – right nice, since this must be a arbejdstop!

Top with faux leather panel, up to size 3 x, ca. 380 USD + shipping at Macys, Calvin Klein

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