Find Perfect Jeans Your Body Type

Several readers have requested a jeansguide. I’ve been thinking a lot and for a long time about how I could best convey a how to guide.

For I think that the choice of jeans is a very personal matter. It is, in any case, for me, which is to be understood in the sense that just exactly when it comes to jeans, clothes I me more after a sense, than what I am good at highlighting my figure in the best possible way.

Here you have a number of very specific facts about how jeans can highlight and camouflaging your forms that you may have in mind the next time you need to buy new jeans.

In our guide to body types, you become smarter at what type of pants that best fits your forms:
Guide: Find your body type

I am hourglass and the wizard can read that skinny jeans are not the best for my body type, since it will get my “curvy body to look like something that balances on two thin sticks and thus create imbalance in the overall appearance”.

I go pretty much always in skinny jeans. It is it that with a feeling that I can’t really explain. But the skinny jeans gives me a feeling of rock’n ‘ roll and less classy lady who I like.

Skinny, up to size 60, 310 USD + shipping, Evans

Bootcut, up to size 50, ca. 510 USD + shipping, Booth

When it comes to jeans it also applies that the bright colors attract attention and dark colors camflere. In other words, if you want to highlight your upper body should you choose bright blouses and dark jeans, and vice versa, if it is your lower body,

You want to highlight.

I have both light and dark jeans, as I pulls out of the closet on the basis of that I think the dark jeans gives a more classic look, while the bright is more laid back.

Light, up to size 54, Bon’a Parte

539.96 DKK

Dark, up to size 54, $ 299.95., Juna rose

Create the illusion of narrower legs
Jeans with diagonal seams makes your legs look slimmer, as the seams pulling his gaze toward the middle of your thighs and at the same time, up and down. The same effect you can create with jeans that are washed, so they are brighter on the thighs. It works because the lighter fields comes to define the width of your legs when they are surrounded by a darker color.

Stitching, up to size 54, 459.95 DKK Juna rose

Bright fields, up to size 56, 699.95 DKK Zizzi

The height of the waist
This is in short what you feel best fit in. i swear personally to the high waist, because the high waist is helping to keep the stomach and on the way takes on the character of a kind of shapewear and, at the same time, helps to select my waist. The high waistline highlights your waist, while jeans with lower waist move the focus more towards the buttocks and hips.

Ordinary waist, up to size 56, 379.99, ASOS Curve

High-waist, up to size 56, 319, 99 USD, ASOS Curve

Cheating you for longer legs
You can do this by selecting a pair of dark jeans and put them together with footwear in a similar dark hue. It creates the illusion that your legs and feet goes out in a, which for your legs to look further out. You can also choose a pair of jeans in a lighter color that has shabby fields at both thighs and Shins.

Back pockets
Pockets on the backside is as good a starting point as they break the large surface and thus get your ass to appear smaller. If baglommerne must work in the best way possible for your ass, you need to have an eye on that it is created. Sitting high up against the liningen, they get your ass to watch both longer and wider out.

Shopping – good for plus size jeans


Juna rose

Bon’a Parte – has not, unfortunately, an independent jeanskategori

Evans – is so popular that there are often sold out


ASOS Curve

… and you are welcome to share your jeansfavoritter in comment box below the article.

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