Finished The Battery Flat With Solar Chargers!

The loader, you know, the house is truffled. In hiking, on the other hand, you used to pass without laptop and to load the GPS to the points of relay? Finished, battery troubles: the solar charger slips into the bags to recharge all your devices without an electrical outlet!

The Solar Charger, The Secret Of The Battery

The solar chargers are designed to work without access to electricity, and with any type of mobile device. They slip into a pocket or into a bag and recharge while walking … or even USB when needed. In summary ? They are designed to move!
The principle is simple: a battery, a solar panel. Some integrate solar cells directly on the battery, needing to be laid in the sun to charge; Others provide for a solar panel to be unfolded. Simply hang the sign to your backpack during the hike, it is loaded on arrival! All that remains is to connect your devices to the battery with the appropriate cable.

The Specificities Of Solar Chargers

To choose your solar charger , first list the devices to be charged. A smartphone, a GPS, a tablet, a digital camera … or even a laptop? A solar charger delivers a maximum voltage of 12 V: in this case, an adapter may be necessary to make the link.
The power of a solar charger depends on several complementary elements. The power of the solar panel, expressed in mA, defines the rate at which the sun charges the battery; The battery power, expressed in mAh, determines the rate at which the battery recharges your devices; The type of charger, 5 V USB or 12 V cigarette lighter, determines which devices you can recharge.