Fishing Bait for All Fish

If there are many flexible lure it is not only by the diversity of forms and different vibrations generated. The colors and the attractive also contribute to optimize the stimuli that cause the irresistible urge to attack from predators. These are the main colours that can be found in the shops.


The classic white and yellow

First flexible lures two emblematic colors are white and yellow. The colors of these lures are much. They are easy to manufacture because they only need a type of injected material. Allow catch all kinds of predators and they are still a safe value, especially when the waters are murky.

Lure Biga one yellow and Toolik white

Red head

Some lure flexible white have the head red to seem a signal of blood and for the predator direct best his attack. In the jargon of the fishermen they are known as “marlboro” lure.

Lure Biga one yellow and white Toolik

Red head

Some white flexible lures have red head to look like a sign of blood and that the predator better direct their attack. In the jargon of the fishermen they are known as “marlboro” lure.

Natori Baitfish Cream


Some years, there are models with more vivid colors. The Orange, acidic green and pink can make a difference when it comes to really cause aggression from predators or fishing at great depths.

Lure Orange Mogami

Dark colors fashion

On the one hand we have models with very bright colors, but increasingly there are more models with natural colours in the fishing lure boxes. From green with black glitter of type “watermelon” or darker color of the ayu, until Brown: these are the main variants of dark tones, which appear to be well-suited to the clear waters and when the fishing is something subtle.

Iwaki Watermelon and Craw lure

Special to the sea

In terms of fishing marina, blue colors and white mother of Pearl are essential. Marine predators are more aggressive, so fishermen think that they comply, for the moment, with a smaller color palette. Anyway, they can also find most striking colors, such as those who have just seen for the clear waters.

Biga lure pearl and Mogami dark blue



It is a substance formed by a concentrated natural or synthetic oil from marine fish which sometimes also includes shrimp.

The addition of these substances has at least two advantages. The first is that the predator pursued your lure may be more inclined to catch it with this aromatic signal. The second is that it will be less likely to want it to drop.

Iwaki Redchart bag

According to, some fishing lures are sold with an attractant. These attractive lose their effectiveness as soon as they are used. It can be to reinforce the effect using sprays or gels, which are more resistant.

#Truco Caperlan: recharge directly your bags of lure flexible with an appealing liquid or in gel. To do so will have to check the closure to prevent liquid to evaporate and above all that the lure box smell appealing forever…

As you’ve seen, all these colours correspond to different applications. In any case, what makes the difference is to look at the place of fishing and the confidence that you have a color in particular.