Fitness Trends: What to Wear at the Gym

Comfort always comes first when we think of clothes to wear to the gym. But that doesn’t mean we can’t go beautiful work out, isn’t it?! Come to think of it, separated some fitness trends 2017 to be even more fashion.

Fitness Trends: What to Wear at the Gym

Short skirt and legging skirt

Wear short skirts or leggings fell in like the chicks. They give a touch of femininity and delicacy, and are super comfortable.

All of one color

The monochrome visual came to gyms. Just put a blouse and pants/shorts of the same color and you are ready to train.

Polaina and half long

The spats and long socks are great allies in the cold, plus give style to the look. They cover up the leg and potato are pretty warm. You can use various colors, always combining with pants or blouse.

Geometric print

The prints of squares, rectangles, triangles and all geometric shapes are super high and also came to the sets. Has option to suit all tastes, from those very colorful even those in black and white.


The jumpsuit is a great option for those who want to enhance your curves with comfort. The models have cutouts and prints and can be short and long.


The sweatpants arrived with everything. The models are more loose and stylish. The ideal is to use with a fairer blouse or top, to give a contrast.

Top and crooped

These pieces bring comfort and support for the breasts of women in time to practice. Not to miss in time to combine, bet on high waist shorts/pants, that you will have more freedom in time to perform the exercises.

After so many tips on fitness trends, you are ready to rock at the Academy. Use and abuse of colors and prints, always seeking comfortable options to work out and get even more beautiful and healthy.