Flattering Winter Coats Plus Size

I have it tough with winter coats. Of course, I would like to keep warm in the cold time, but I also want to avoid looking like a big square box, when I go out in the cold.

But there are coats that can keep you both warm and emphasize your waist. Either with a belt or with a fit with the incision. The two-color coats have in fact double up on focus to the waist, since both the fit and the transition from one color produces taljefokus.

Solid color

Bordeau, up to size 50, ca. 595 USD + shipping, Marks Spencer

Sand, & up to size 52, ca. 1156 DKK + shipping, GAP

Chequered Black/White, up to size xl, 999.95 DKK, Juna rose

Multi colored, up to size 56, 2349.90 + shipping, Manon Baptiste with Navabi

Two-tone Black/Blue, up to size 54, 1499 kr, carmakoma

Orange/Black, up to size 54, 1330.90 USD + shipping , Studio with



Gold buttons, up to size 52, DKK 999, Violeta by Mango

with wide legs, up to size 60, 999 USD + shipping, Ellös Plus Collection

Duvet coat Navy duvet jacket up to size 52, 1299 DKK, Violeta by Mango

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