Forest Live Wallpaper

If you love simple graphics and stylized Google Now, and if you like cheap wallpapers, Forest is an absolute must. To populate the desktop we will find a beautiful expanse of trees with mountains in background, but this is just the beginning. The combinations of colors and effects that you can create are endless: snow, rain, clouds, wind strength, Parallax effect and much more. We can decide whether to follow it to the background the day/night cycle, with sunset and sunrise, and update itself in real-world weather conditions of our site.

Not only that: we want the magic colors and warm autumn, snowy whiteness of winter or recreate? No problem, there are six different colors to edit as you like.

Two main issues; one has a solution to try anyone, the other does not. The first is that it is easy to get lost in the midst of all those parameters to adjust, and the interface a bit amateur doesn’t help. Luckily there is a theme section with a series of presets ready to experience the most beautiful combinations.

The second problem is that activating the wrong settings you are likely to significantly affect battery power and resources consumption. Unfortunately here is the good sense of each figure out what you can and what you can’t activate, to avoid shouting to battery drain for free.

Depends from one phone to another, of course, but the result is also low on Harbour view options low end phones. Here is the link to download, among other things for free and without advertisements (there is however the possibility to make a small contribution in the form of in-app purchases):