Franck Muller Watches:Master and Its Complications

Not long ago, we presented you the watches Maîtres du Temps, enhancing brand in youth which is characterized by seniority and by inheriting traditional values. In the case of Franck Muller, master founder himself, which also gives its name to the watches, which demarcates for your youth and unusual superiority in creating complications: “master of complications”, is precisely to your signature.

Born in Switzerland in 1958, Muller began his studies in watchmaking at 15 years old, and graduated in the early 80-with honor and distinction – the most prestigious school in this area, the Ecole d Horlogerie in Geneva. Personal taste with complex mechanisms and complications take you to focus all your energies and attention in this specific area. At the same time, being of the opinion that since the late 19TH century there have been few innovations and inventions in horology (the complications were prevalent in pocket watches, but extremely rare and limited in the wrist), choose to create your own line, bridging this failure and offering to give the world something truly new!

According to, the first watches appeared as early as 1983, developing complications unprecedented in wristwatches, and since 1986, which presents an innovation, the famous “World Premières. Franck Muller just created the company in 1992, but by then the your name was already synonymous with unmatched quality and superior – in the same year launched the most complicated wristwatch in the world, with more than a dozen of complications, a feat that would later repeat six years later. Other milestones in your short story are still creating the world’s smallest Tourbillon, also in 1998, reaching the consecration years later with the victory of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix.

What most distinguishes the Franck Muller Watches exactly your complexity: all models and collections, always, are equipped with innovative complications that lead to bounds the wisdom and experience of Swiss Haute Horlogerie. If to this we add the habit of launching special editions, often extremely limited, we understand why, in 2006, the Franck Muller Watches watches have been considered the most prestigious of the United States, a survey made more than 400 millionaires, surpassing Titanic names such as Patek Philippe, Breguet or the most popular Rolex.

However, this watch can go even further, if not getting the sensational and innovative quality of his pieces. Franck Muller realized another dream when he opened in 2001, the “Franck Muller Watchland“, a huge complex that, faithful to the traditional spirit of Swiss Haute Horlogerie, concentrates all ways and steps of creation and manufacture of clocks, from your design to the final product.

Special editions of some models are one of the most appreciated of the details Franck Muller Watches. And Portugal have also had a right to some of them, like for example the special issue about the centenary of Sporting Clube de Portugal (limited to 36 copies) or the Conqueror Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, of the 2004, the purpose of the European conquests of Futebol Clube do Porto. The most recent “gift” (worth €60.000 | R$145,000) is the limited edition “Pride of Portugal”, composed of three similar models, in different materials.

These special editions are based on the normal collections, in practice, have little of “normal”. What motivates the creation of a Franck Muller watch is the innovation that it will bring, and do not need to add a template to a collection. Still, it can be identified 10 collections, which oscillate between rope and automatic mechanisms, mechanical, and always with a square or rectangular shape, with the sides of the 3 and 9 o’clock oval – a patented format smoothly which is also a symbol of the brand.

Since most classic watches the youthful models and fun, overall the Franck Muller has a markedly classical and formal identity. The main collections are the Cintrée CurvexCasablancaChronographColor Dreams or Conqueror are the most “simple”, with functions that oscillate between the chronograph, calendar (perpetual), or even whirl. Among the collections include some particularities, Muller’s inventions, such as the Crazy Hours, which puts the time at random: instead of following the normal order of 1 to 12, follows a string of 1 hour, 6, 11, 4, 9, 2, 7, 12, 5, 10, 3 and 8 hours. And Yes, its relation to numerical indication pointer for you can realize that time is going to be a real challenge!

The price of the Watches Franck Muller is directly proportional to the degree of complication, starting by €4500 | R$11,000.

There are later collections which concentrate much more advanced complications. Among them, Aeternitas deserves no doubt all the highlight. The most elaborate account model with chronograph rattrapante, whirlwind, day of week, day of month, month, booking of rope, dual time zone, perpetual calendar, equation of time and phases of the moon. A masterpiece with the value of €700.000 | R$1,700, 000 … maybe that’s the price of perfection.

The result of the genius of the man who is considered the best watchmaker of today’s world, that conceives personally each of the new inventions that launches annually, the Franck Muller Watches speak for themselves. And with just 50 years old, to ask ourselves what else Muller will give the Haute Horlogerie.