Freshwater Pearl: The Special Touch That Your Look Deserves!

If your look was a cake, the freshwater pearl would be the cherry.

That’s because the pearls have a special gift to add a touch of elegance to looks for everyday, with more casual pieces, as for more formal occasions – ranging from an important meeting to that wonderful party full of pomp.

Freshwater Pearl 2

With what pearl am I going?

You may have noticed that there are pearls of various colors and shapes.Some are rounder, others flattened, long or even irregular.The colors also usually vary a lot!This is because the appearance of the pearl changes according to the environment in which it was formed according to SHOPAREVIEW.COM.

How are pearls produced?

Natural pearls, which are the round and most classic of all, are formed by saltwater oysters when a grain of sand (or other foreign body) invades the structure of the mollusk.To defend itself, then, the oysters activate a defense mechanism that coats the sand grain with successive layers of mother-of-pearl, giving rise to the coveted pearl.

Freshwater Pearl 1

That is: the pearl is a gem that nature delivers us ready.

Some varieties, such as so-called “cultured pearls”, are artificially produced in a human-interfering process.Visually, these pearls are absolutely identical to the natural pearls.However, they are produced from the artificial introduction of a foreign body into the oysters.

And what is freshwater pearl?

The Pearl of Freshwater is the so-called Pearl Biwa, which you can find in various gems of the Fine Silver.

They are produced by a special mollusk, which lives in Lake Biwa, Japan. Today it is considered the best freshwater pearl in the world – both for its quality and for its beauty.

The Biwa pearl, unlike the saltwater pearls, have an irregular shape and totally charming.The jewels that count with this gem are elegant and sophisticated, and give a special touch to any production.

Freshwater Pearl 3

How to use Biwa pearl?

#1. Day to day
Get inspired by actress Natalie Portman and be powerful for any occasion with a Dark Biwa Pearl Necklace .You can combine the piece with a social shirt, jeans or skirt.It’s success right.

#2. To show who’s boss
A necklace of Freshwater Pearls gives the message very well given.;)

In the photo, the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama.

# 3. To show that you were born to be queen
The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, is an international reference when it comes to sophistication and elegance. Get inspired in her style and use a Pearl Necklace and Earring Set to impress and make everyone’s mouth open on the most formal occasions.