G Watch: Smart Clock

With simple design, the G Watch seems to a common digital watch, but it’s much more!

G Watch: Smart Clock

The device is the first “smart watch” with the new operating system from Google, Android Wear, coming in the domestic market. With it you use the touch screen or the simple voice command “OK, Google” to have easy access to useful information and direct connectivity with smartphones. By pairing the G Watch with your Android phone 4.3 or higher, you can read messages, including social networking, check when you’re getting calls, control the list of songs and even make phone calls without taking the Pocket smartphone!

For example, if you travel to the beach, the G GPS Watch will recognize that it is on the coast and will indicate the best beaches for swimming or for the practice of surfing, without you lose time doing queries or searches. If you need to know which nearby restaurants, weather, view movie times, check traffic, and more!

G Watch is also perfect for when you’re driving, you can answer calls by the clock-used in conjunction with Bluetooth accessories – and to answer text messages, through the voice command device.

Resistant to up to 100 cm of water immersion, totally protected against dust and weighing only 58 grams, G Watch is durable and practical, and can accompany you at all times, bringing new possibilities by giving new importance to the technology in your life!

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