Get Ready for Festival Season

Time of the year many music festivals and concerts in the open air is so small by being above us. Even I count down to Copenhell, which takes place at the Refs haleøen in Copenhagen on 18 December. – 20. June.

I’m once again tempted to imagine themselves on the festival site wearing seductive outfits in lovely bright summer colors. But I know from experience that, for me is only one thing that counts:
To be practical, so I don’t have to spend too much time on that worry me in relation to whether or not I put me in a ølsjat or getting mud on white robes in case of rain.

Therefore I know already that this year’s outfit comes to resemble these from last year to confusion:

I’m leaning, however, most of the green jacket, as the many pockets makes it needless to leaked around with a kind of bag in your hand.


Long, up to size 56, 549.99 DKK, ASOS Curve

The water resistant, up to size 54, 599 DKK, Ellös Plus Collection

Details on the sleeves, up to size 56, 799.98 DKK, ASOS Curve

Deep down inside I dream, however, of investing in an entirely classical leather jacket:

Up to size 54, 1699.95 DKK, Juna rose

To the festival I prefer Dresses dresses for two reasons: I can pull the skirt up about ears When I go to the bathroom, so I should not worry about what my bottom must get in touch with on the floor, and that it is easy to pull a pair of pantyhose on out on the cool evening hours.

Although I’m doing my best not to buy black summer clothes, a black dress is just what works for me in relation to the festival. Such a case is handy, so I either have to worry me about grass spots or blotches from ølsjatter, which I’m always going to put me in.

Blond sleeves up to size 50/52, $ 299.95., Juna rose

Long sleeves up to size 54, 599 DKK + evt. freight, carmakoma

Without sleeves, up to size 52, 404.96 DKK, Bon’a Parte


Åhhh, year after year, I am envious of the ladies who can run a festival in high heels. Since it is not possible for me and my arthritic paws, I am also here in the completely practical ditch with rubber boots that virtually all terrain – not least

Waterproof. Up to size 43, 499 DKK, Seeland with CC

Hunting and fishing, however, is considering to invest in a pair of cheap sneakers, which I will not be unhappy if they are so trashede that they should be thrown out after the Festival.

Up to size 41, 129 USD + shipping, H & M

In case of rain …

… I swear the rain cover that is quickly pulling out of vehicle and, at the same time allows for the fact that I can also keep my beverages in dry weather, so they do not become diluted by rain.

Rain cover, one size, available in several colors, 129 USD + shipping, Stadium

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