Gifts that Please Any Woman

He/she hears puppies and filhotas!!! And there, they have to decide what to get for mom next Sunday or, as always, decided to leave everything to the last minute? Ehhh people … now there’s no escape, came the weekend of the run! The Hunch of Luxury is a mil por hora and continue in legs in search of suggestions of gifts for our dear readers-and indecisive, which until not agoraaa bought a present for mom. If you still can’t have that super inspiration and need a “push”, don’t worry. More a palpiteco filled with tips on gifts that please any woman. Tchammm … guess what we have for you today? The wonderful pieces of ROWLAND SEMIJOIAS!

We’ve talked several times, but it’s worth repeating: the accessories are a great pick for who wants to present without fear of making mistakes. There is no woman who could withstand a beautiful pair of earrings, a wonderful jewelry ring, a necklace, a bracelet, in short, everything is always welcome! We were checking out the news that ROWLAND SEMIJOIAS received for mother’s day and we did several flashes of beauties we found there. The pieces are irresistible, with a young and modern footprint, more classical, that can be used at any time of the day! Ahhh … also reached several clutch’s lindaaasss, another suggestion of this that ladies love, in fact, what we don’t love? It’s sooo easy to please a woman!

Check out our Flash, make your choices and give the gift of mamis.

She getting all chiquetoza, elengantérrima and you will remain forever the treasure of Mama!

The Marcinha always rocks, are fans!!!

And you were able to choose some pampering for mom?

The ROWLAND SEMIJOIAS stands in the Courtyard Avenidaon Avenida Afonso Thinks, no. 5420, 12/13 Store.