Gingerbread Men in the Universe Retro Vintage Expo

Who visited the stand of the Retro Universe during the Vintage Expo, held last weekend in Sao Paulo, could check out the surprises that the site prepared for the launch of your Pin-Ups 2016 Calendar. In addition to an exclusive Meet & Greet with the models, available for photos and autographs, who acquired the calendar led to toast a Gingerbread Man, the Quince Marmalade Patisserie.

Symbol of fairy tales for more than 100 years, the doll-shaped cookies until today is a success around the world. Very popular at Christmas, the traditional American recipe, in addition to filling your eyes with your beauty, it’s delicious. Various spices provide the best aromas and flavors to sweet. Among them, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and maple syrup in a crispy noodles according to Vintageinconfidential.Com.

Prepared with care and packed with very whim, the Gingerbreads of Quince Marmalade can be ordered in the State capital this Christmas. Beyond the cute cookie, recipes for pies, cakes and other desserts are also on the menu of the confectionery. Highlighting the famous Naked Cakes with the customer choice, which, at Christmas time, you can choose typical ornaments.

The secret of flavors so irresistible is in the form of artisan preparation and extremely singular adopted by blogger and chef Ana Marisa Fonzar, food columnist of the universe too retro. In the kitchen of Anne, no second-line products, the best ingredients, fresh and natural. According to her, this is a very important factor for the success of a recipe. “Everything I do is tested several times and improved where needed, providing quality and excel to the final product,” explains Baker.

Ana also was responsible for the harmonization of the universe at the Expo stand Retro Vintage. In addition to the packaging of Gingers, which came in the colors of the site, blue and see, poá, baskets, glass dishes and various furniture were ceded by the company to compose the space decoration. “The cool thing to participate in this kind of event is really translate what the client wants for your project, in colours and flavours. And speaking of tastes, there is something more retro than Gingerbreads?”, plays the Baker.