Goodies for Camping and Campfire: Chapati

Soon after completing the world coming to Brazil for the border with Bolivia, we decided to stop by Sao Paulo to pick up our car, the brave red Ford Ka, and take the Royal Road to Ouro Preto and after Paraty, a delicious trip in every sense (incredible Visual, good energy, excellent experience and delicious goodies).

Our first stop was in São Thomé das Letras, a town just adorable we had never visited, despite being super famous for things we love: beautiful waterfalls, mountains, hiking and sunset.

We stayed at the home of a couple of friends really loved that little more than 3 years exchanged the stressful life in São Paulo, for a more balanced life, healthy and happy in the rural area between São Thomé and Cruzília.

With them, you learn to make the chapatis, India’s original recipe and one of the oldest in the world, rolls very easy and perfect to do in camping and campfires, since there are barbecues, but made on the plate, and composed only by 3 cheap ingredients that yield much, don’t spoil and are easy to find anywhere: flour, salt and water according to Automotiveqna.

After we learned this recipe a snap with the ones of São Thomé, adopt the chapati as the official breakfast everywhere we camp during the Royal Road and, once tested and approved in the stove, campfires and prepared in the trunk of the reddys, we had the bread ideal for adventurers on duty!

In addition to the 3 above ingredients (start with about of 300 g of flour, 1 small spoon of salt and 1/2 cup of water that will yield about 6 of chapatis), you can include other spices such as pepper, za’atar or oregano. Then just mix the ingredients with a spoon and then knead with your hands. The water and flour must be added as the need to give the texture of dough that takes off from the hands.

As there is no yeast in the recipe, no need to rest the dough. Just balls, then open like mini pizzas with your hands, with a bottle, Cup or with what you have in camping (in our case, we use the canequinha and gave super right!). There is only playing in the Pan, in a clique or – even better – a stone placed on top of the bonfire in camping, with that wonderful visual beach or mountain around.

Once you begin to Brown on one side, turn their chapatis and let Brown on the other side. If you make the rolls in the Pan, you don’t need oil for greasing. If you’re using a stone in the camping, it’s nice to play a manteiguinha on first use, to prevent from sticking everything. From the second you don’t have to use!

And ready! Delicious hot buns, which go very well or with pure butter, cheese and jam.

There is just preparing that coffee tastes good in your camping kit’s clique, and enjoy the experience of a quiet breakfast, prepared by you, in full contact with nature.

See how you can eat something interesting, even with very little structure and ingredients? You don’t need to clog of noodles and wafer filled when you’re camping! Good appetite!